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Are you attending Anime Expo? Then come join us at the Aikatsu and Prism series cosplay meetup! Date and time still to be decided, but I want as much info as possible first so it works for as many people as it can

Aikatsu Planet episode 16 subs out! Nothing hits me quite like talking about dreams and idols, and this episode did it amazingly


Aikatsu Planet episode 15 subs out! Bless Hikasa Youko and Sawashiro Miyuki as the Dressia

Aikatsu Planet episode 14 subs out! Man, that was a heck of a revelation they just laid on us. Our whole perspective on Hana has changed

Yeah, that's the one. It's been six long years

Yurika's up for preorder on AmiAmi for us overseas folk. I still remember the day we first saw that super blurry image of the precursor to it years ago

Aikatsu Planet episode 13 subs out! It was amazing how evil Meisa seems right from the get-go. This should make for a dramatic story

I have nowhere to put her! Also the box is amazing

The UmaMusu anime is also really good, I don't play the game but I'm watching it

I finally got my Katou Akatsuki poster and a frame that sortof fits it kindof good enough. Looks good on the last available space on my wall (the other wallscrolls were already up)

Also, isn't this guro to do in front of Sweet Whole Cake?

英語で seasonal allergiesって呼ぶから、pollen allergiesはあんまり言わない


It's just seasonal allergies, nothing new. It hasn't kicked in yet but it'll probably be here soon


Happy first day of Spring!

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