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Akatsukin @Akatsukin

@walfie Please tell me he's going to give us S2. And season 3 and 4. I need more PriPri and Beato

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I made a draft of Aikatsu english brochure for travelers. I'd like to get your feedback.

Welcome to Kirakiratter!

I didn't play Pokemon Ichigo or Mizuki, but Lillie is 100% the cutest

Wow, the writer for today's episode has been working on Aikatsu since S3, but this was their first script for it. They did a really good job with the spirit of the original

aikatsu christmas Show more

aikatsu christmas Show more

I turned off the sound alerts immediately, since everyone likes to favorite new 女児

I was asked if I had a rewards card or whatever when I went to a bookstore once, and had no idea what the word was. Actually, I'm not sure how I ended up figuring it out, but somehow I did

Aikatsu is on Sunday, Monday, Chu-Chu-Tuesday

Gonna try and get me a DSLR during the holiday sales too

@MasterDalK Philly but it's like right there. I'll also be at AX again. Wait, I need to buy my tickets now

I'll totally meetup in NYC if I know about it. Or I can just empty my bank account and go to Japan all the time