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Are you attending Anime Expo? Then come join us at the Aikatsu and Prism series cosplay meetup! Date and time still to be decided, but I want as much info as possible first so it works for as many people as it can

Aikatsu on Parade Web Series episode 01 subs out! I hope you weren't worrying about the quality of this, because it's every bit as amazing as always, both the animation and the writing. Please enjoy Noelle's passionate Aikatsu!

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Aikatsu on Parade episode 25 subs out! Nothing affects my emotions like Aikatsu can, and with each ending it hits me in a very particular way. I couldn't imagine a more perfect finale, but I can rest assured that the future remains bright. Keep on passing the baton in your own life too to keep the Shining Line connected

Aikatsu on Parade episode 24 subs out! Wow, that climax scene was truly incredible. It reminds me of something I've experienced before, which might be one of the reasons I like idols so much now

It's the Spring Equinox today! I am very tired and still not home yet, but close



12 hours to go, and I'm almost totally ready. It's just so annoying throwing away and setting aside everything properly, unlike coming here where I just left unneeded stuff in my apartment. Oh yeah, and the entire suitcase full of doujins I bought too

Wow, someone who likes Chiyu the most of the three. I can't like someone else more than Cure Mirei or Cure Yuuki Aoi

Aikatsu on Parade episode 23 subs out! Looking back on the themes of Stars and Four Star like this was wonderful, especially since we were able to easily compare it with Starlight's ideals. It's amazing to see how much can change and still be Aikatsu

Leaving Thursday and then arriving also on Thursday


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