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Akatsukin @Akatsukin

Stars episode 90 subs out. There was quite a bit more nice Aria shots despite being a Kirara episode. Also, happy birthday Lilienne!

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Sugoi! I heard that some of the Rooms are actually really hard to escape

@MasterDalK Yeah, I'm totally right in the middle of the city. Let me know when you're around and we can do something!

@MasterDalK You're only about half an hour away from me, then. Try and enjoy the layover and our pathetic amount of snow

Dear friends and followers, I'm looking to commission art and a design for a business card. If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know so we can talk about designs

Stars episode 89 subs. I'm cold. How do they keep going outside in winter wearing barely anything? I love their huge wardrobes, but they just don't have winter jackets like Starlight or DreAca did.

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Cake: Perfect for immediately after the dentist

You can catch up on the ridiculous amount of new anime too

Over here they say that a good method to sleep well is to drink warm milk. But when my class told my Japanese teacher about it she had no idea, so it might just be an American thing

@KurebayashiJuri It's not super simple to get it done right because of how the timing changes. I think I saw a group labeled Gelatin who's done it for Stars, and if you're looking for OGkatsu, I think CoalGirls did it all.

Stars episode 88 subs out! Sorry it's a bit late, they changed the time it aired slightly so the encode got messed up and we had to redo it. I channeled my inner Yakko and Wakko during this episode.

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Heater fixed! I'm alive again!

I'm cold because my heater broke today...

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