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Akatsukin @Akatsukin@kirakiratter.com

The first snow has hit my city. 記念日のキスしちゃう?

I'm impressed you even missed 2 and 3

Aikatsu Friends episode 31 subs out! I love when Kakihara Yuuko opens and closes not just one, but multiple overlapping arcs like this, all the while making sure every character's personalities are fixed and in line with her vision of the series. On to the Best Friends Cup!

The last one looks like a Pairtomo

To New York? Or somewhere else in Canada?

OhaO is earlier now because of DST...

Aikatsu Friends ep 30 subs out. I, too, practiced my improvisation this weekend with running Magical Fury. Maybe the idols should try playing DnD? Sakuya already has the dice for it

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Aikatsu Friends episode 28 subs out. The silence of reality is often more powerful than any manmade music

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