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Are you attending Anime Expo? Then come join us at the Aikatsu and Prism series cosplay meetup! Date and time still to be decided, but I want as much info as possible first so it works for as many people as it can

Daylight savings time ends tonight... I hate it. Goodbye sun


My wrists hurt from live translation for that entire time


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I for one am in a long meeting waiting to be allowed to eat lunch, but Aikatsu is in my heart

Already eight years since my life changed, huh. And two days until Mezashite was officially born. A lot's happened in all that time, but this is a good opportunity to look back, reinvest, and work hard for the future

Happy autumn equinox. I know I missed the solstice, but then again, it's not like the outside world was very welcoming over summer. It's nice that at least the weather here seems to be turning into fall

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I want to play mahjong in person again... I have that exact junk mat too

I got the shipping notification from Amiami for the Cosmos fig, but EMS is still broken to the US, and DHL is really expensive. I'll probably wait the two months they've given me and pray that EMS comes back online by then

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I am putting my judgement on hold for one week. However, I can't say I didn't consider this outcome

Today in Japan is Maika and Haruka☆ルカ's birthdays!

Hmm, わからないですね、日本語での単語。でもよくでもよく英語で使われている言葉

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