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Akatsukin @Akatsukin

@walfie It was suspicious activity, so I went ahead and changed my password a bit

@walfie That's funny, because yesterday I had a reality where I had to change my Microsoft password. Thanks hackers in Ukraine

You should also watch Vtubers

And then we can celebrate the first snow of the year with...


Street hockey? Ice hockey? I played ice hockey for a long time, but I haven't skated in years

I've played the pokemon drinking board game before

@marchen_with_you 6) Even if they're apart, their hearts are still connected. Even on opposite ends of the earth, they still share the same breath, the same rhythm

Aikatsu Friends episode 02 subs! Everything is so different and good, and I just love Aine and Mio. I want Aikatsu Navi on my phone too...

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The newest iOS update broke audio Line stickers for me... I can't hear them anymore

Koharu-chan, with all of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday! I'm so glad I was born in the same time as Koharu-chan!

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I have a few hundred dollar student violin. It works fine for learning (or did while I still used it)