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Akatsukin @Akatsukin

Platypuses have venom?! Aikatsu is the most educational show since Kemono Friends

Also, happy Autumn Equinox, ktt!

Three full Aikatsu jogs in a week? Looks like I'm back on my regular schedule


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@KurebayashiJuri That's the slippery slope! Plus I'd need to go through well over a year of new song unlocks in story mode, unless they changed that too, and also not get taken in by the current event

@KurebayashiJuri That almost makes me want to open it and play again. Almost. If only my anime/game/translation backlog wasn't so huge

@walfie @MasterDalK Also, go for the 4-koma collection first. It's only 44 chapters or so? and Tsuredure is up to 160+

@MasterDalK @walfie You bet the manga's ongoing. You have to read both Wakabayashi's 4-koma and also Tsuredure Children. The anime skipped around a lot so just reread it all, even the adapted chapters.

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@walfie I saw Mirei in the middle first. GJ getting your art into an anime

This PriPara kind of reminded me of @walfie 's art

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I just finished Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, the last one in the PR/PP series I hadn't watched. It was all great starting from around ep 25, and it had an amazing finale as the other seasons did. Now I'm finally ready for the coming development in PriPara Idol Time. Also, I want to rewatch Rainbow Live...


Episode 73 subbed! I had so much fun doing the song this time, both the TL and the styling. However, this rainbow is impossible. The sun should be behind them. Guess it's magic.

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あ、なるほど。"pun" ですね