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Good morning! Today is the Spring Equinox! Let's hope it gets a bit warmer now

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Aikatsu Friends episode 48 subs out! In this episode, the return of the legendary...!!!

@walfie I wonder if your thing can help me find the episode where Ichigo played whack-a-mole with a giant squeaky hammer and Ran's head


Subs for Vaituber Aikatsu Navi Nana batch are out. She was too good for this world, but we'll never forget her...

I'd guess what kind of cake, but I'd probably embarrass myself. Is the green layer matcha?

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Aikatsu Friends ep 46 subs out. I got tired because of the extra effort this episode required, but it's finally out now. More importantly, next episode is...

Aikatsu Friends episode 45 subs out. I think Rollerazzi should have a regular role now going forward

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