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Akatsukin @Akatsukin@kirakiratter.com

Aikatsu Friends episode 15 subs out. Please like, comment, and smash that subscribe button!

Everyone really likes Tsukasa-chan. I want to see even more of the sidles


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So I heard a bunch of future information aka spoilers was just released for Aikatsu Friends
And every time, I can only ask


Revue Starlight episode 1 spoilers vvv



Nana-chan seems to be acting like a real Vtuber--I mean Aituber, in her most recent vid. I'm kind of excited to see where she goes, and how much she keeps updating

Aikatsu Friends episode 14 subs out! Amazing episode with Maika and Ema, totally redeemed the scriptwriter Hisao Ayumu in my eyes and elevated him to the level of the others. The best parts are all the role reversals pulled off, and just how distinct Honey Cat is compared to the rest

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Do the 7/11 in Japan also do free slurpee day?

Photokatsu in Kokoro forever