phew Just finished Friends 2 couple of thoughts!

1. Tamaki-san is better then all the P-sans put together. She got Aine working in less then 6 hours!

2. Coco=Compy and was programmed by Kii

3. Trampolines appeared early! Love me Lessons! Love you~

4. When I look at Love Me Tear, I feel like Lilly Flowers would grow.

5. Having the voice the same as the singing makes a big difference!

6. What would happen if Love Me Tear was separated for a week? Could either of them stand it?

kirakiratter Follow

@marchen_with_you 6) Even if they're apart, their hearts are still connected. Even on opposite ends of the earth, they still share the same breath, the same rhythm

@Akatsukin I'd bet one of them goes full Dame Dame without her wife!

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