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Akatsukin @Akatsukin

Please yamete, I'm trying not to cry at work from all these Aikatsu memories (don't actually yamete)

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Hippopotamus and American Beaver, original Aikatsu unit

@sonotoridesu @MasterDalK Subaru is my man. So is Sena for that matter. and Kanata. Also, I am Asahi. Gib Koharu pls

Needs more boys.
All the boys.

I don't think I agree with that. It's equal in its own good way, but not way better

Aikatsu Friends episode 001 subs are out! You'll be stunned and amazed and awed at what they've done! I'll say once more though: regardless of how you feel from the ending of Stars, give Friends a try. Then wait a day or few, and watch it again. I assure you that the second time will be way better.

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In the ED this line appears one frame too early, and I want to tell BNP but can't find an email or anything. Why do they make it so hard? I found the American Bandai Namco and Sunrise emails in like five seconds kirakiratter.com/media/e5GVPnr

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Suddenly invited to a birthday dinner and then we went to an escape room! It was my first time, and it was really puzzle based, and there were a lot of us, but we managed to get out with 3 minutes remaining! And somehow I got a lot of credit even though I don't feel like I did much... but it was a lot of fun, and and I'd totally do it again

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@GrayEmbrace Just kill me if this ever happens again in my pure, precious Aikatsu

@sonotoridesu Middle left image. It's a miracle if you don't recognize it, and I would envy you

I just noticed this, but... please no, seriously. It's not funny and I hate this show

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Most people gave it a week, maybe you should too

Happy Birthday, Kitaouji Sakura-chan!

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