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Daikyon @Daikyon

@walfie o I mean will you get it for PC unless you already have it on PC somehow o:

@walfie will you be playing puyo tetris

@walfie can you believe it's been 10 years since you were playing Maplestory!

@walfie what time do you usually puyo?

the Mil and Walf interaction on my feed is very cute! 🆒

@walfie maybe you could stick an ad there or a link to your patreon if it gets that much traffic

@walfie I tried German blue cheese once. Never again. Tasted like desert implosion. I wouldn't have tried it if my high school music teacher didn't trick me into one D:

@walfie Uncut futomaki. It is cheaper here probably because of less effort to cut. Not very practical to dip but possible to eat on the move.