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the only thing stopping me from playing ac all day is that my charge is too far away from my chair

i have like several hours worth of raocow letsplays in my backlog now i think i am sufficiently prepared for "if i am not listening or watching to something while i do this i will get bored"

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they end up inventing patterns and rhythms to make the chart harder.. but complex and interesting rhythms are already there if you listened to the actual instrumentation

do rhtyhm game mobage chart makers know you can make charts that don't focus on the vocals

mouth is itching at this banana i am eating im not a fan!!!

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the road disappears
in the most favourable light
until only mist

i tried to clean my face and ended up losijg my balance and fell on the tub edge im having a good one

me trying to explain to my conservative dad that the working class shall rise up

i want to play subnautica but my laptop prob cant handle it

i swear enstars isn't reading my inputs properly and misses notes that i totally hit

acronym: pfp
what i read: peforeyou follow p

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