Finished Pokemon Sword today. That champion fight was hard!

(This week's ep preview)

Our traditional Aikatsu Halloween episode + crossover is just too much to handle!

Those are some spicy developments in Aikatsu on Parade.

I love how dorky everyone acts when Aine and Mio + Yume and Koharu make first contact. 😂

Loving the female engineer representation in Aikatsu on Parade.

To those who were at Anime Expo: nice meeting you all!

Watched the episode preview for Aikatsu Friends 57. Show more

It gets me every time someone describes Love Me Tear as having united breath and rhythm, Believe It.

I had a bagel with sun-dried tomato and basil cream cheese this morning.

So next season we're getting the Friends versions of Elza and Lily?

we gotta help coco-chan out and make web pages about delishrooms

Aikatsu Friends Episode 5 Show more

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