Finished Pokemon Sword today. That champion fight was hard!

(This week's ep preview)

Our traditional Aikatsu Halloween episode + crossover is just too much to handle!

Those are some spicy developments in Aikatsu on Parade.

I love how dorky everyone acts when Aine and Mio + Yume and Koharu make first contact. 😂

Loving the female engineer representation in Aikatsu on Parade.

To those who were at Anime Expo: nice meeting you all!

Watched the episode preview for Aikatsu Friends 57. 

It gets me every time someone describes Love Me Tear as having united breath and rhythm, Believe It.

I had a bagel with sun-dried tomato and basil cream cheese this morning.

So next season we're getting the Friends versions of Elza and Lily?

we gotta help coco-chan out and make web pages about delishrooms

Aikatsu Friends Episode 5 

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