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Doing Isomer in GFL now, and established myself a route in the P22 farming map.

Here comes the "fun" part

Hmm. Been trying to read this LN faster, but don't think I can do it any faster than this without hampering my enjoyment

Good, now bring Persona 5 Royal to the PC

My left shoulder hurts. Hope it's nothing serious

Oh, I forgot I was using my private twitter as a pseudo-image storage of sorts. Now that it's suspended that's kinda all fucked up, lol

Really need to remind myself to make my coffee/tea more diluted at night. My throat just seem to lose the ability to handle stronger tastes at night

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someone pls make me a stitched image of the entire aikatsu crossover ED screenshot

Dad gave me one of his old phone he doesn't want anymore.

Don't really need it, but maybe I can do some dumb stuffs on it like try to run Honkai Impact, lol

That's why I'm not too motivated to blog lately. I know you don't agree with my list and stuffs. But what the hell man

Man looks like there's a lot of crap to grind in GFL again

I'll be posting this here but is the recent controversy and the censorship thing on Atlus about Persona 5 Royal? Seeing as how I won't be buying a PS4 and I will never have the chance to play it.


I don't know but it seems like the only people who's complaining about artists undercharging people and acting like a good Samaritan, are also the same people whose art themselves don't look particularly good (okay, if I'm to be frank, they look like shit) and something I won't pay even a single cent on.

Yet the actual artists themselves whose actually opening their commissions and minding their own business, who also have art that I like -- don't seem to have any such complains themselves.

I wonder if someone has the stitched version of the entire Aikatsu Parade ED. The whole image will probably be huge af, but I need it, lol.

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