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I listened to the movie songs finally and I can't stop crying over Ice Forest.

The lyrics made me too emotional.

need to get VPN to buy 10th anniversary goods...

website is set to my timezone.... I will have to rely on kkt and twitter for info

I want to see Akari and Sumire sing Tarte Tartin in these outfits. πŸ₯Ί

Please release a Switch game to celebrate 10 years of DCD. πŸ™

Is the Bandai Namco Festival an in person concert? πŸ€”

It feels like a silly question to ask but with Covid-19 there have been a lot more virtual concerts.

I don't know if I can get a pass and watch overseas. Idolmaster, Aikatsu and Denonbu all in one day.... too powerful.

Dreamy Puppy....

pbandai please stop region blocking your website so I can buy it 😭

So many new goods from pbandai, but they recently put up a region block so I can't view pages anymore from America. πŸ˜”



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