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ありがとう @K1 @cheshii !!

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今日の朝ご飯!!食べようこのtomato, basil and cheese special sandwich!!

also being young the gov't doesn't expect me to be making as much as I do

It helps when your old boss owes you a ton of money so you start a new company and end up buying a ton of stuff

Aikatsu Friends ep 52 subs out. All the Mio stuff was great, but the Hibiki development hit me way more. And subs will be lateish next week too, just a warning

I wish they annoucned it earlier I would've gone to SakuraCon with a buddy of mine instead of IFF this weekend :(

I apparently might be working at AX this year, but also E3. Gonna take a vacation in Siberia this summer, I hate the heat lmao

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