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Salil // DalK @MasterDalK

Oh this was the alternate bus route... Time for a 20 minute walk home orz

@meganeco_love it's okokokay and thank you! It's afternoon in Tokyo now, right? I hope you have a good day while we're putting ourselves to bed over here!

Time zones are an interesting thing.

@Miluda @walfie francophone is (dollars),(cents)$; english is $(dollars).(cents). I merge the 2 by accident sometimes when writing, and also because in my head I'm saying "2 dollars" not "dollars 2".

@walfie a lot of stuff is 1:1 pricing ,which means you guys have it a lot more expensive than we do. Fast food for example

@walfie it's only 2.75$ I save but it still is a nice pick me up after a strenuous couple days

The presto (like suica) machine on this bus was broken so everyone got on for free

@meganeco_love Thanks! But it's night time in Toronto, so my day is already over. It was nice, and I'm headed home right now.

@walfie good night walf! Have a good chu chu Tuesday tomorrow

What a crazy month, 10 last minute school assignments, 5 events, 4 graphics packages and 40 meetings. At least this upcoming weekend is a 'vacation'!