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hope they get well soon, the flu is something fierce

@MasterDalK filling her full of sports drink and medicine and sleep, so she should be okay in a few days—so long as I don’t catch it too 😅

@marshmallowmanju Out of curiosity, are flu shots a thing in Japan?

@MasterDalK they are, but we’ve never had one? We’ve both only ever had the flu maybe...3-4 times total despite working with small kids and in public schools with no heat. Now we both work in lovely places with proper heating, and suddenly she caught it. But one of her coworkers who maybe gave it to her DID get the shot and came down with it anyway.

Salil ⇄ DalK @MasterDalK

@marshmallowmanju ahh gotcha, was curious because some places in the States straight up didn't seem to have 'em. I feel bad for the person who gave it to her, falling in that really low % range of getting the shot but still getting the flu...

@MasterDalK I’m...not surprised about the States not having them...(universal healthcare is just so much nicer to have!) but yeah, I guess your chances for getting it anyway shoot way up when you work with preschoolers who are teeming with germs.

@marshmallowmanju Yeah that makes sense, now that I think about it the further I went in school the less my teachers were away due to illness 😅

@MasterDalK I’ve definitely been less sick since I started teaching high school kids! Probably pick up more germs on the train than I do at school.