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hope they get well soon, the flu is something fierce

@MasterDalK filling her full of sports drink and medicine and sleep, so she should be okay in a few days—so long as I don’t catch it too 😅

@marshmallowmanju Out of curiosity, are flu shots a thing in Japan?

Salil ⇄ DalK @MasterDalK

@Miluda @marshmallowmanju same, I get a flu shot every year as well. The one year I didn't get my shot I camera down with the flu...

@MasterDalK @Miluda I’ve never had a flu shot and I can’t really remember the last time I had the flu?

Although I may be in for it this week...ha...

@marshmallowmanju @MasterDalK flu shots are useful but still a guess on what might go around each year. Still the more immunities you have the better! (Until they disappear from lack of exposure). Some people can also get a minor flu from flu shots, which I think is better than catching that head-on, I mean if a small amount in a shot made them sick, the real thing probably would make then doubly sick ):