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@cthulhu3 すごい、前にこれ見なかった!

@MasterDalK ありがとう!I like Older Clamshell mobile device with keyboard! でもAndroid は全く待ってない…😔

@cthulhu3 なるほどね
Have you tried blackberry?... Are there even blackberries in Japan?
BlackBerry で本物keyboard があった

@MasterDalK Blackberry is on sale in Japan . But I did not try it thought it was a mobile phone. I wanted a mobile text writer for Japanese.
(Because Japanese input depends on keyboard and FEP. Blackberry did not seem to be good at Japanese)


本物keyboard of a monochrome display that moves for a long time with dry batteries was the best Japanese text writer! 今は選択肢がたくさんあるけど…

@cthulhu3 あぁ日本語、忘れてた. Makes sense!

@MasterDalK DalkさんはBlackberryを使ってますか?

@cthulhu3 Blackberry使くない. Zenfone 2とCFW がある! keyboard は SwiftKey (EN & JP)

@MasterDalK Android has a high degree of freedom. It seems to be true. very good...


And I will be going out for something LARP event from now. But ... I do not know the details of "LARP". My friend says “it is famous outside of Japan”. Hmm... 調べてもよくわからない🙄

@cthulhu3 アンドロイド本当良いですと思う. はじまったはLinuxから.
Yeah, Android is great! Probably because it started from linux.

LARP, eh? "Live Action Roleplay".. 退屈と変なことと思うですしそれが気に入りません. The few times I've tried it with friends, it weirded me out but there is quite a few people that do it. Famousがないかしら...

@MasterDalK 朝でも夜でもおはようございます!
I came back home from LARP now.
Before playing: I have not understood LARP yet.
After playing: I can not understand LARP yet.
Until recently nobody knew the culture in Japan. Not a few people know. It was completely zero. It may have been too early in Japan. The world is very wide... I did not understand well...


@cthulhu3 僕もLARPよくわからない. どんなLARPゲーム遊んだ? そして、アンドロイドのスキルは簡単に学べる. ちょっと肘グリース必要がある!

I don't really know LARP either, but what LARP game did you end up playing? Also, Android skills are easy to learn, it just takes some elbow grease!

(このフレーズ "elbow grease" 日本であるの?「肘グリース」が使ってたけど良いかわからん...)

@MasterDalK We used “Patria Solis”’in that game. It seems like fantasy. But I was ashamed... and could not understand.


「Live Action Roleplay」は、日本ではあまりに斬新ですね🙄

I thought that “elbow grease” is close to “力仕事” or “ハードワーク” in Japan. Japanese does not have the concept of “a hard work that paints grease on elbows “.

私は「elbow grease 」は「力仕事」や「ハードワーク」が日本では近い単語と思いました。日本人は「肘でグリースを塗る程きつい仕事」という概念がないです。


@cthulhu3 LARPは本当に難しいね??カナダでLARPはも変 (と思う). Patria Solis 前に聞いたことがない... LARPは世界ではあまりに斬新です

LARP really is embarassing, right?? Even in Canada LARP seems a little weird; before today I've never heard of Patria Solis. I think LARP is too novel for the whole world, not just Japan.

なるほど... まぁ、今で私たちのスラングです!ww じゃ僕の日本語もっと肘グリース必要がある!

@MasterDalK 私も英語をもっと肘グリースする必要がある!
I need to elbow grease my English more!

もっと日本語のスラング風に「マジ肘グリ(= It is really “elbow grease”)」「肘グリ案件(= It is “elbow grease” case)」なども使っていきたいですね

I would like to use “マジ肘グリ” and “肘グリ案件” etc. that made more slang.

Salil ⇄ DalK @ 🇯🇵 12/25~1/10 @MasterDalK

@cthulhu3 hahaha cthulhuさん面白いじゃん、新しいスラング楽しそう. 僕の日本語は十分じゃないスラング作るに

"My english needs more elbow grease", is better. Verb じゃなくて noun です!

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@MasterDalK 勝手にスラングを作るのは楽しいですよ!(流行るかどうかは別として)

It is so fun to make selfish slang!(It does not matter whether it goes fashionable)