@sonotoridesu I'm flying out at 10pm tonight. Are you around between now and 7pm?

@sonotoridesu sorry meant free! Since you said later today I didn't know how much later

@MasterDalK I actually don't know either my appointment was at 2 but I haven't seen the doctor yet might be backed up/seeing higher priority patients

@sonotoridesu gotcha, I'm just wandering around aimlessly so just lmk whenever homes

@MasterDalK they're seeing me next so good chance I'll make it there by like 4

@sonotoridesu that's cool, there's not much to do other than waiting in line anyways rofl

@MasterDalK just missed the bus and rush hour traffic is starting up soon so might be closer to 4:30

@MasterDalK on the bus now but no clue when I'm arriving I'll keep you posted

@MasterDalK the only pic I saw of you is you cosplaying as aoi so idk what you actually look like

@sonotoridesu on my way in a couple minutes I got lost! I'm wearing a black tee and a gray RedBull hat

@sonotoridesu also what do you look like, I dunno who I'm looking for atm lmao

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