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@spoon I don't play photokatsu, but I'm sure if I were to it'd be useful. Perhaps try asking in one of the discords or something as well? Larger sample size and all that

@cthulhu3 LARPは本当に難しいね??カナダでLARPはも変 (と思う). Patria Solis 前に聞いたことがない... LARPは世界ではあまりに斬新です

LARP really is embarassing, right?? Even in Canada LARP seems a little weird; before today I've never heard of Patria Solis. I think LARP is too novel for the whole world, not just Japan.

なるほど... まぁ、今で私たちのスラングです!ww じゃ僕の日本語もっと肘グリース必要がある!

@Riri おはようりりさん!


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Aikatsu Friends episode 02 subs! Everything is so different and good, and I just love Aine and Mio. I want Aikatsu Navi on my phone too...

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@cthulhu3 僕もLARPよくわからない. どんなLARPゲーム遊んだ? そして、アンドロイドのスキルは簡単に学べる. ちょっと肘グリース必要がある!

I don't really know LARP either, but what LARP game did you end up playing? Also, Android skills are easy to learn, it just takes some elbow grease!

(このフレーズ "elbow grease" 日本であるの?「肘グリース」が使ってたけど良いかわからん...)


@cthulhu3 アンドロイド本当良いですと思う. はじまったはLinuxから.
Yeah, Android is great! Probably because it started from linux.

LARP, eh? "Live Action Roleplay".. 退屈と変なことと思うですしそれが気に入りません. The few times I've tried it with friends, it weirded me out but there is quite a few people that do it. Famousがないかしら...

@cheshii mmm, posture definitely takes a while to fix but you 100% need to do it! I'd suggest putting something on your lap that you'd notice move should you begin to slouch

Also do you draw at a desk? Is the height of the chair, desk, surface, etc all correct?