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エマ: まぁ、いいか

舞花: どしたの ?

エマ: おー

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I wrote this at a store ✌

Part of the reason I love Maika is because she has the same VA as Ichika and I love her!

Maika's mom has the same VA as Ichika's mom. That's crazy

Im just bad at using social medias so i dont post often oops

Oh wow its been a while since ive been here

Summer vacation ends next month.

蝶乃舞花 (This took a few days to complete but it was worth it!)

Does anyone know if there's going to be any artists selling aikatsu stuff at Artist Alley? for anime expo

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Aikatsu Friends episode 04 subs! It's always Springtime in my heart when the Harus are around.

Oh yeah i forgot to say but i got PR Koharu yesterday (my luck got really good!
i got her in one pull)

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I just text my friends instead of going online