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Melon @Melo

I dont have much to say besides its the weekend!

I did bring Yume to school the other day :p

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I havent been here that much since school has made me so tired and also internet issues

@sonotoridesu if i tell my parents theyll get mad and tell me to stay there until the school year ends and i think we're moving soon so its hard right now

@Akatsukin sorry i have been inactive ive been busy but you can but its really stressful and my school got a lot of students this year so transfering classes wont really be open

I saw my new classes and im so upset i wish i could just transfer out im so done with that school im not happy there and the people arent so great i wish i went to the right school i feel so done

Gonna buy the Ran SR tomorrow and M4 when ;_;

Next week will go by fast for me ;_;

I found some art i did from a year ago and i like how you can see that you inprove 😋

My dad changed the wifi password now i need to hunt for it 😭

It's almost 4pm but the lights are just off so thats why the photo looks bad 😅

Bad lighting but im going to take more pictures later

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My AiStars Card Maker came! But ofc everyonr in my family judging 😓

I still dont know why in the photokatsu start screen Yume is next to Akari. Ichigo is more popular and currently has the most PRs in the game so wouldn't it make sense for Yume to be next to Ichigo? This just makes me salty 😔

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