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Im just bad at using social medias so i dont post often oops

Oh wow its been a while since ive been here

Summer vacation ends next month.

蝶乃舞花 (This took a few days to complete but it was worth it!)

Does anyone know if there's going to be any artists selling aikatsu stuff at Artist Alley? for anime expo

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Aikatsu Friends episode 04 subs! It's always Springtime in my heart when the Harus are around.

Oh yeah i forgot to say but i got PR Koharu yesterday (my luck got really good!
i got her in one pull)

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I just text my friends instead of going online

im so bad at social media nowadays because im never active

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Aikatsu Friends episode 02 subs! Everything is so different and good, and I just love Aine and Mio. I want Aikatsu Navi on my phone too...

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What's happenin', all? My synopsis for episode 2 of "Aikatsu Friends!" ("Unbeatable Love Me Tear") is here after taking a big nap upon coming back home from church. And yes, I'm still excited for this (thank you Bandai Namco Pictures for bringing back the legit enthusiasm that was seriously lost during the Aikatsu Stars season; I don't know about anyone else here, but this is a series that I'm determined to keep up with!).

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Aikatsu Friends episode 001 subs are out! You'll be stunned and amazed and awed at what they've done! I'll say once more though: regardless of how you feel from the ending of Stars, give Friends a try. Then wait a day or few, and watch it again. I assure you that the second time will be way better.

i dont know if i wanna watch aifure i feel broken but i should give it a chance

i finally got to watch the final aistars ep and im still crying