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I saw my new classes and im so upset i wish i could just transfer out im so done with that school im not happy there and the people arent so great i wish i went to the right school i feel so done

@Melo That sucks, do you not get to choose your own classes?

@Akatsukin sorry i have been inactive ive been busy but you can but its really stressful and my school got a lot of students this year so transfering classes wont really be open

@sonotoridesu if i tell my parents theyll get mad and tell me to stay there until the school year ends and i think we're moving soon so its hard right now

@Melo if it's any consolation you get a lot more freedom to pick your classes once you get to college

@Melo @sonotoridesu For now, just try to find a few little things to smile for. It's hard, but you can make it through. Use us Onee-sans for support too.

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