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Okay, to my "Aikatsu Friends!" synopsis followers - sorry that this is one day late (real life issues that I blame from the course of yesterday when I came back home from church) - but this is my latest one targeting episode 70 ("To The New Stage"). And my sources and I were asking the same question that you all were regarding BOTH Hibiki and Alicia. And we're also hoping THAT happens too.

Will be working on my synopsis for "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 70 in just a few hours, all; I just have to catch the bus across town. But for now, my sources and I have apparently been waiting for this day to arrive. You'll find out why... soon.

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Yo, everyone; just hearing news about the newest "Aikatsu On Parade!" iteration and I am SO looking forward to 10/5/'19! 😊

That said, on the board that I own talking about the "Aikatsu!" series at large, I put up a "preseason discussion" thread for "Aikatsu On Parade!", if you're interested in knowing how to join it, please don't hesitate to let me know via reply to this thread or via DM. Thanks much, all! 🤗

I think I'm going to still be in bed when the said "special announcement" drops tomorrow. I hope it's really good news to look forward to. 😊

I don't know about you all, but I hope when the "announcement" comes this Saturday (8/17), we'll get a setup like that "Baton Pass" which had Ichigo, Akari, and Yume introduce Aine and Mio (to announce the "Aikatsu Friends" iteration. I'm very optimistic. 😊

Morning, Aikatsu community; anyone checking out the Aikatsu anime twitter for the announcement countdown images? This coming Saturday can't come soon enough. 😭

My only language barrier is Japanese itself because I want to play all of the Aikatsu related games so badly. 😭

To my "Aikatsu Friends!" synopsis followers: here's my latest one for episode 69 ("Everybody Beachkatsu!"). It seems that I didn't have to write much for this "setup". Sounds good, I think... 😆

What is comiket all about anyway? I'm drawing a blank here...

Wakaba just won me even further after watching episode 67. Personally, I can't wait to see Wakaba in her school performance dress again. Keeping fingers crossed! 🤗

Morning, Aikatsu fan community; shared this in another Aikatsu related place last night, but this is my newest episode synopsis for "Aikatsu Friends" targeting #68 ("Vroom Vroom! Race on Karen Island!"). If my sources and I are assuming correct, looks like we're about to witness ANOTHER wild ride... on Karen's personal island turf! 😊

I SO love this picture very much (posted by @1703d ), but can anyone remind me which episode it came from, by any chance? It's been a while. kirakiratter.com/@1703d/102548

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I've been rewatching Aikatsu in Mandarin and finally reached this very important episode

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Synopsis time from yours truly targeting "Aikatsu Friends!", epsiode 67 ("From Mirai to the Future!"); and if my sources are not wrong in the clues provided to me regarding this episode's setup, they are LITERALLY wanting to make sure that we are ready for Wakaba, and big time. Let's see if Wakaba makes it through her "final hurdles" here!

Okay, ran into this picture which is the HUGE highlight of my afternoon already! 😊 But can someone tell me what this is all about, please? I can't put my finger on it.

And I so want to try and do a 3D fan posing work out of this as well; can't want to take this on. 😆

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