I also want to see that moment involving Elsa, Hibiki, and Mizuki again from the PV announcing this iteration. That was massive energy to the max from them. 😊

To all my "Aikatsu on Parade!" synopsis followers; my apologies for the one day delay - but after some much needed rest, my synopsis is here for episode 10 ("Aikatsu Top Gun!"). I'm sure we can all agree that the REAL journey for Raki (and the REAL reunion encounters for us involving all known "main girl team members") starts right at THIS point. It looks like we're going to be encountering some more major idols as well, so let's see how this turns out. Can't wait.

I really cannot wait to see the Dream Academy girls again, especially Seira and Kii. 😊

Kii (Aikatsu Movie ED) Show more

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I said it before and I'll say it again... Kii is mega loveable.

New "Aikatsu on Parade" synopsis from yours truly for you faithful followers targeting episode 9 ("All Aboard the Big Wave!"); if my sources are correct based on clues provided to me, we got two major angles going down when Raki appears on a territory that's WAY out of the ordinary. Not only that, rumor has it that she MIGHT have her sister in her sights as well to furiously dash on over to her to get answers regarding what in God's name is going on here. Oh, what insanity!

Am I the only one who really wants to see Raki perform in her school coord dress in a future episode for "Aikatsu on Parade!"?

Hmm...? What is this "Aikatsu on Parade!" live tour all about that I keep hearing of...? Sounds interesting.

Newest "Aikatsu on Parade!" synopsis for all my followers targeting episode 8 ("Make A Lucky Dress All The Way!"). And if my sources are correct given the clues that I've been provided, Raki may have just gotten her first major "marching orders" after what she experienced in the previous episode before THIS one! Hope she succeeds on this one. Fingers crossed!

I think I'm crying a flood of tears here... Episode 7 for "Aikatsu on Parade" was definitely the episode we all were waiting for above all else. 😭

Keeping this short and sweet in this latest "Aikatsu On Parade" synopsis for episode 7 ("Three Shining Suns") because my sources and I are MORE than eager to see this "reunion" that we've been dying to see for quite a LONG while. And I doubt we're the only one... heck, I heard the "majority" were after this iteration only for HER. Let's hope this doesn't disappoint!

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To my "Aikatsu on Parade" anime synopsis followers, my latest one is here for episode 6 ("The Four Glimmering Stars"). And if my sources are right based on clues given to me in my writing this up, it looks like our Raki is running into her first "big pinch" on this very unique journey as she's running into some girls who may be very familiar to us hosting a special event. Hopefully things will get resolved here in a timely manner regarding Raki herself; I'm out for now.

Also, just got up see the English dialogue TL for "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 6 got posted; will deal with writing the synopsis for it later today after taking care of some laundry. 😆

Stay tuned. 😉

As for my phone itself, I did two phone wallpapers after making fan posings involving my favorite videogame female characters emulating two of my favorite "Aikatsu on Parade" main visuals.

If anyone wants to see what I made for my phone (both home and lock screens), let me know. 🤗

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