Can't wait for the latest episode of "Aikatsu on Parade" to get my synopsis written for it. That "Feelings of Justice" DCD video is one major factor because it was so awesome to watch. 😊

Yo, everyone; the "Aikatsu on Parade!" anime adaption synopsis writer is back with the latest one for episode 14 ("Smile Numpurr One")! And it looks like we're in for some very interesting stuff on this first episode of the new year; can't wait! 👍

Hi there, everyone; your "Aikatsu on Parade" synopsis writer here for the first one of 2020 - targeting episode 13 ("Raki and the Lucky Dress"). And wow, I'm really feeling for Raki, especially as I wrote the "setup" for this thing... will she have what it takes to make a great dress design to convince Elza that Raki isn't as "useless" as people think she is? Oh, the drama! 😭

Happy 2020 to all of you awesome people here on this fan community. Now, I need to catch up on some sleep. 😆

What is this Comiket thing all about, anyway...?

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I know it's two days after Christmas, but I absolutely L-O-V-E-D the "Aikatsu on Parade!" Christmas based episode last week. I don't see why people would complain about it; I didn't run into any "what the heck" moments here.

And Raki = insane cuteness as usual.

Merry Christmas to all of you from me here on the Kirakiratter site. So glad we're celebrating it with all the Aikatsu main girls too. 😊

Merry Christmas from this synopsis writer to all my "Aikatsu on Parade!" synopsis followers here on this site! Here's the latest one targeting episode 12 ("Happy Lucky * Christmas"). And I'm beyond hyped to see how this is going to turn out. Later, all!

Wow... my work with this analysis company has me all over this undisclosed location this Saturday afternoon/evening. Can't wait for this to be all over so I can go home and sleep... I have an episode synopsis to write for "Aikatsu on Parade"! 😭

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Okay, so who here is more that ready for the Christmas episode for "Aikatsu on Parade!"? I wish I was able to view the livewatch... but... work obligations... 😭

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Wanting to do 3D fan posing scene stuff with my favorite female character models emulating favorite moments from the DCD "Aikatsu on Parade!" song "Feelings of Justice". (

Which parts of this video do you think I should try posing works of? 😊

I hope we get a "drama episode" for "Aikatsu on Parade" that involves that "Feelings of Justice" song. We haven't had anything like that in quite a while.

Morning, everyone! 🤗 A day late on this, but your synopsis writer is here with my latest one for "Aikatsu on Parade!", episode 11 ("Ciao * New World!").

And according to my sources, we'd better get ready for this "reunion" to hit level 2 which includes some other main girls we haven't accounted for yet including at least one "personal favorite" of mine. Let's do this!

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