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Hey there, Aikatsu fan community! 👋 Was wondering if anyone here has any idea where this picture in question came from and if there was a full body picture of it somewhere? Caught my attention earlier this week.

Not Aikatsu related, and I know someone else on this site shared it before (which also got my attention) - but is anyone here still familiar with that "Anima Yell" anime series, by any chance? Let me know soon; thanks. 👍

@collembola @aikatsukamen Thanks for those leads, but still no breakthroughs on full body shots of Akari in that awesome posing?

Morning, everyone; need your help A.S.A.P.! 😭

Does anyone know if there have been any leads on the full body version of the Akari art from this video snapshot I took the other day? Been trying to do an image search for it, but no luck.

Only a few hours to go for me before hitting "weekend mode". Can't wait.

I know I shared this before, but seeing those above images still remind me of this special moment in the anime adaption. Can't wait for all of us to personally do this kind of stuff again when the time is right. 😂

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Little bummed that the last post won't let me add Yume (4 image limit)... Boooo... 👎

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Hey, good morning, everyone. 👋

Tell me I'm not the only one who absolutely STILL LOVES the school performance dress designs for the "Aikatsu Stars" main girls (season 2); especially after seeing these DCD related images! 😭

Can't wait for the "weekend mode" to start in less than a few hours from now... 😭

Also, forgive me if I'm super excited this morning, but am I the only person here who STILL loves the "Let's Aikatsu" theme song (as well as the performance routine from Akari and her team related to it) to this day? 😂

Both angles always cheer me up. 😊

Hey, good morning, everyone! 🤗

Just a quick reminder for all that I'm still needing votes on this poll that I posted last week (once again targeting "Let's Aikatsu" theme song stuff) -

If you all would help me out on this situation, I'd greatly appreciate it before poll closing in a few days. Thanks in advance! 😊

"Let's Aikatsu" 3D scene fan recreation poll (Part 2) 

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"Aikatsu Planet" movie hopes 

Hey there, happy Sunday to all of you! 👋

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