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Anyone here still love hearing and seeing the "Let's Aikatsu" theme song from the Aikatsu OG seasons (when Akari was promoted to central character along with an all new team under her)?

I still love that song (and their dance routine) to this day. 😊

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Apologies for the one day delay to my "Aikatsu Friends!" synopsis followers here (real life matters again during the course of yesterday, INCLUDING laundry obligations to prepare for THIS week); with that said, the synopsis that I wrote for episode 61 ("Open the Door of Your Heart") is now here.

With that all said, even before I wrote this AT ALL, my sources and I ALREADY knew the starting clues regarding what I had to write here. One things for sure, it's now all on Alicia to BREAK THIS SPELL!

Really sad that this is final weekend of my summer seasonal job, but I'm currently having plans on trying to increase my upcoming final pay even further.

Plus, I have another job candidate in the crosshairs; the problem is that I won't be able to get to that place until the course of this Thursday (I have to book "community transportation" rides JUST to get over there).

Fingers crossed! 😭

Wow, even after viewing Episode 60 of "Aikatsu Friends!" and checking out starting clues for 61, I already have a clue in terms of how I'm going to write my synopsis for this in the next few days.

Won't spoil details, but even my sources and I are saying this now: "Come on, Alicia; BREAK THAT CURSE!"

(Heck, even Hibiki was saying it too to encourage Alicia to show her smile; and Charles? Wow... it all comes down to THIS!)

Never tried Red Bull, but now I'm curious in terms of how that "Brain Thunder" drink tastes. 😆

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Hey there, everyone; to my "Aikatsu Friends!" synopsis followers, my latest one for episode 60 is here. And I think this should be self explanatory regarding the "setup" because I think we may have found the "source" of this said conflict at hand and it looks like it's going to have to possibly be addressed. Later, all.

Bad news: It's going to cost me near $100 to do it; waiting on funding to arrive so I can take care of this during the course of this month. God help me...! 😭

Meanwhile, encountered my cell phone's glass being scratched since earlier this morning. Good news is that I found a lead that can do the repairs to it.

Can't wait for Tuesday morning... Nintendo's E3 2019 presentation can't come fast enough...

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Okay, to all my "Aikatsu Friends!' synopsis followers, my latest one is here for episode 59 ("The Password is evolustakia"); I've been instructed not to disclose the "plan B" in terms of the efforts of Aine/Mio/Hibiki to convince Alicia in the Principality of Solvette, but it looks like possible help might be on the way to turn the odds in their favor. Here's hoping!

Doing my laundry, plus attending a family event later this evening; my synopsis for "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 59 will be dealt with during the course of tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

Me, I like both uniforms, but the Starlight Academy uniform designs (both winter and summer versions) stand out slightly for me between them and the Dream Academy girls.

Okay, I understand Matsodon's reasonings in terms of poll operations (because it feels like how Twitter does theirs); I just wish I was able to put in my own vote for this poll too.

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Okay, another poll for all of us fans of the OG Aikatsu main girls; granted the school uniform designs were outstanding (especially the winter season versions), but which is your top favorite?

What I REALLY hoped for was to play "Aikatsu: Photo on Stage" in English so I could understand how that whole game worked.

Too bad it's long gone now... 😢

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