Not Aikatsu related, but has anyone seen the recent episode for "Delicious Party Precure"? I swear, it had literal D-R-A-M-A written all over it, and big time. 😭

Hey there; good morning, all - just curious, but who here from the Japan area had a chance to check out that recent Aikatsu movie ("Aikatsu 10th Story: Starway into the Future") in theaters last weekend? Let me know soon; thanks so much. 🤗

Still interested in knowing if anyone here has any leads on that first PV trailer for "Aikatsu: 365 Idol Days" (Nintendo 3DS game) as I posted in this status (

Anyone who has breakthroughs regarding said video; please let me know. Thanks.

Hey there, happy December, everyone! 👋

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Need everyone's help this morning! 😭 Has anyone here had a chance to download and/or find a repost of the first "Aikatsu! 365 Idol Days" video that was posted in this article, by any chance?

Let me know A.S.A.P.; thanks in advance, all.

Hey, happy Saturday, Aikatsu fan community; still curious to know if anyone else here is still familiar with the 2015 DCD Aikastu PV that I briefly talked about yesterday (; if so, let me know via DM or on the thread there. Thanks much in advance! 🤗

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I still wish I was able to play the DCD Aikatsu arcade games from the OG series to the Friends / On Parade series - the "rhythm action" aspect is right up my alley (as well as the Aikatsu main girl cast in general). 😂

I still literally love that 2015 DCD Aikatsu PV to this day, and big time. 😂

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Okay, sorry if I did ask this question before here on the Aikatsu fan community site, but anyone here still remember and enjoy this 2015 DCD Aikatsu PV to this day by any chance? Send me a direct message and/or reply to this thread if so, please. Thanks so much. 👋

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Wow, has it been weeks since I made an actual posting around here to all in the Aikatsu fan community?

Anyway, how's everyone on this brand new weekend?

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Hey, happy Saturday, everyone! Wow, haven't posted in this place for quite a while...

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