Okay, to all my Aikatsu anime adaption synopsis followers here, my latest one targeting "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 44 is up ("A Chocomint Confession"). Can't wait to see how our main girls here are going to do their first take of Valentine's Day (even though Mio is the focus here)! 😊

Morning, everyone; posted this in another place last night but only snagged the chance to do this now - my latest synopsis targeting "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 43 ("What 'Thank You' Looks Like"). And just forewarning you now... prepare for a bit of "drama", and I think you all may already know the reason why. 😉

Aikatsu Friends, Episode 42 Show more

Aikatsu Friends, Episode 42 Show more

Now in 😴 mode after coming back to my house safely from running all over town getting the 2 - 3 job applications filed.

Hopefully my phone goes off during the early part of tomorrow morning giving news of an actual job offer.

And just called "job candidate #3" to express interest in the duties posted THERE (while waiting for two other possible candidates to call me back which I filed applications with so far). It feels like I'm in the fight of my LIFE over here!

Now on my way to the second job candidate to file application #2... oh God, help me...

Thanks, @itsyumchan ; just need to really rest up so I can see my next candidate first thing tomorrow morning. I want that final spot. 😋

Hey, curious question to everyone... if I *do* reach a job landing breakthrough (hopefully this week after I go file my second application with the other candidate), which Aikatsu main girl group would be best for the hug party... the OG girls, the Stars girls, or the Friends girls...? 🤔

Thanks, @Akatsukin; I've been fighting this battle like HECK for months. It's no fun trying to find work for the Monday - Friday/Saturday timeframe... ESPECIALLY when you're trying to aim for the amount of money you're trying to make for that week! 😭

One of two job applications down, one more to go... the sad news is that I won't be able to deal with that until the first thing tomorrow morning because the manager for that candidate HAD TO LEAVE EARLY! (family emergency) 😭

Job searching again and I'm eyeing two candidates for the Monday - Friday/Saturday timeframe. Making my way to fill one application today and dealing with the other one first thing tomorrow morning.

Dear God, let this be the month something FINALLY gets landed for this year! 😭

Hey all, my synopsis is here for "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 42 ("The Miracle of Frienergy"). And I have two questions: who's ready to cheer Pure Palette on and will this possible "Frienergy" give them an advantage in their part of the "Diamond Friends Cup" finals?

Wow... I just came back home after dealing with a bunch of errands since 9:00 this morning. My synopsis for Aikatsu Friends, episode 42 will be dealt with after I return from church tomorrow.

Right now, I need sleep. Goodnight, everyone...

Anyone here manage to successfully extract the models from that Nintendo 3DS game "Aikatsu! My No. 1 Stage!"? (Main girls/idols, of course. 🤗 )

About "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 41 in general Show more

Yo, everyone; my synopsis is here for Aikatsu Friends!, episode 41 ("Unleash the Love Me Zone!").

Sadly, my sources have instructed me not to give away too many details on the setup of this one, except that the focus is primarily on the Love Me Tear girls.

And it looks like we've got something interesting going on within the two as we start this "Diamond Friends Cup" finals arc!

Hey again, following up on if anyone here has those models from the 3DS game "Aikatsu! My No. 1 Stage" extracted and if they're able to help port them to XNA Posing Studio.

I have an scene idea that I want to try doing emulating a favorite DCD Aikatsu preview video that got my attention a few years back. Hit me up if interested!

Praying that in terms of the final episode itself in a few days, *all* the Hugtto Cures will do that main "catchphrase" for themselves and us this time (in Cure form, of course).

Not Aikatsu related, but in the case of Hugtto Precure, episode 48 - Hana/Cure Yell, you definitely got my attention all the way. 😊

That said, not spoiling anything, but that one "moment" was a bit overkill, but I see where the writers were coming from. At least the Cures were definitely at their best here.

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