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Watching "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 35 with the TL attached Show more

Back to "Aikatsu Friends!" episode synopsis posting from yours truly, everyone - the one from episode 35 ("Treasure Hunter Advisory!") is now here for you all to check out.

Without giving anything away, I'm looking forward to the Shirayuri sisters leading the charge involving these matters at hand.

(Unrelated note: I still like Sakuya a *little* more, but that's just me. πŸ˜‹ )

If the Christmas performance for "We Wish You A Merry Christmas ("Aikatsu Friends!" version) is awesome, I know I'm going to wish to hug Aine, Mio, Maika, and Ema AGAIN. πŸ˜‹

Hoping that Sakuya and Kaguya will join them too. They NEED to. 😊

Happy Sunday morning, everyone! 😊 Can't wait to work on my newest "Aikatsu Friends!" episode synopsis for 35 when I get back from church. Watch for it soon! πŸ˜‰

Boooo.....! I *so* hate when flooding rains hinder my seasonal work groove plans. This is the second consecutive Saturday this month that the manager called me and another guy this morning to say to not report to work because of rainy weather. 😭

At least I was able to take care of other business and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Not only that, but it looks like the buses downtown might be at an alternate transfer point for me to catch back home because of a CHRISTMAS PARADE EVENT! Oh God, help me... 😭

Tomorrow is going to be one insane weather day in my area... I hope it doesn't wreck my work groove during the morning and afternoon hours.

My favorite pictures from "Aikatsu Friends!", Episode 34 Show more

I'm still hoping that we'll get an anime perfomance of all this season's "Aikatsu Friends!" main girls in their school dresses. They seriously deserve that opportunity.

Not to mention that we still have yet to see Maika, Ema, Sakuya and Ema in *their* school dresses, performance scene wise. 😊

Kii Shoutout: Aikatsu movie involvement Show more

Hey, everyone; my synopsis is here targeting "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 34 ("Happiness to All"). And if my sources are correct based on the clues I've been given, it looks like Aine's counting on her "team" with "Sugar Melody" to overcome a possible "dress design roadblock". Let's keep fingers crossed for all of them.

Is it weird that I still like how Ichigo and Seira playfully test each other's "energy"? There's one moment that I absolutely enjoyed it, but I'll spare the details.

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It's all of the characters

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Who else loves Aikatsu they wishes it was real

Also might not happen, but regarding the main girls for "Star * Twinkle Precure", I also hope they do "catchphrase/declaration spotlight moments" like how they did it for the "DokiDoki Precure" girls. That would be FANTASTIC. 😊

Not Aikatsu related, but I wonder who the character designer is going to be for the upcoming "Star * Twinkle Precure". Still keeping fingers crossed for either Umakoshi, Kawamura, or the Fresh Precure, DokiDoki Precure, or HappinessCharge designers.

Morning, everyone; happy December to all of you! 😊 (I know this is one day late, but I've been very busy outside of here, only to also endure a BUNCH of FLOODING rain all of yesterday; immediately hitting the bed when I got back home. Wow...)

Yo, everyone; question to all: anyone know if somebody did a recording/replication of that "new message notification" that we hear in the "Aikatsu Friends!" anime (when our main girls get new messages)?

I definitely want to see about having it on MY phone when new "notifications" arrive. πŸ˜‹

My favorite pictures from "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 33 Show more

Yo, everyone; my synopsis is here for "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 33 ("Explosive Adventure at Volcano Island!")... and now, it's time for me to FINALLY get some sleep because I've dealt with some trials myself... but not as insane compared to what Aine and Mio are about to endure if my source's assumptions are correct. Later, all.