Okay, there's something that's really baffling me: what's "friendLINE" all about? I assume it's "Aikatsu Friends" take on the real-life LINE social media platform...? 🤔

Hi to those of you who are following my "Aikatsu Friends" synopsis writings! 🤗 Here's my latest one for episode 65 ("Heart Throbbing * Friends Date"); my source and I are now already asking the question that since the focus is on Alicia and Hibiki (moreso Alicia), could this be a sign of the bonds between the two starting to reignite again to what we hope will happen down the road? Fingers crossed!

I still 💖 Star Twinkle Precure so much.

Just wondering, anyone a DCD Aikatsu promo art fanatic just as much as I am? It's double that when I see our main girls in their main school uniforms/school performance coords. 😊

@niccolli I 💖 that posing. And that S4 uniform too. Glad they didn't forget it.

@walfie Pictures coming soon of these figurines themselves, man? 😊

And I can't wait for my sources to get with me regarding clues for "Aikatsu Friends", episode 65, so I can get to writing that too. Can't wait.

To my "Aikatsu Friends!" episode synopsis followers, sorry for the delay on this one - here's what I *just* managed to write up for episode 64 ("Honey Cat's Galaxy"). I honestly can't wait to see Maika and Ema in their latest focus episode here and hoping for the best from them regarding this setup. 😊

"Aikatsu Friends!", episode 63 (Favorite Pictures) Show more

"Aikatsu Friends!", episode 63 (Favorite Pictures) Show more

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Insane! Can someone tell me what this is all about? I hope we hear news about anime episode specials involving all these girls to celebrate this occasion. 😊

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

@BobBob @MasterDalK @KurebayashiJuri @walfie @Akatsukin Hold up a second, is this in trying to get those Aikatsu LINE related icons, but for international use and in other places outside of LINE?! It just hit me now.

Ugh... SO sorry for the huge delay on this latest synopsis that I wrote for "Aikatsu Friends!", epsiode 63 ("All Roads Lead To Aikatsu"). RL situations were attacking me here, there, and EVERYWHERE hoping I'll collapse under all this weight, but I'm still here.

That said, I heard we've got a focus on the mega loveable Karen again; I mean, she's ALWAYS been this way... will she deliver again? One way to find out.

Oh heck, I'm having an awesome time conversing with all of you here... and now that "AIKATSU MODE" song (from the DCD Aikatsu game, original seasons) is playing in my head! 😆

@niccolli Looks like Aoi posing with her new song album. And I so want to do a 3D fan posing of that figurine! 😆

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