@Akatsukin I hope we get a scene like what we saw in the PV involving Raki, Ichigo, Akari, Aine, and Mio greeting the huge crowd on stage.

@Akatsukin Wow, who does these encodes for you, man? Are they actually in the Japan area as they do this?

I'm really not into the Fortnite and other "shooter games"; I'd rather get into the Aikatsu and Pretty Rhythm games.

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@StarshineLunacy @niccolli Please tell me that you saw my "series premiere synopsis" post for this thing... 😭

And I'm already loving the "Aikatsu on Parade" anime adaption iteration already... 😭

@ainelover I love that posing from Aine, but would have been WAY better with her natural super cute smile. 😛

Your Aikatsu episode synopsis writer reporting for duty once again! This is the "series premiere" one that I've wrote for the board I maintain as we begin the all-new "Aikatsu on Parade!" iteration. And we're looking forward to witnessing Raki's life changing "idol activity" journey; she's got our attention already. Later, all! 😊

Poll for my "synopsis followers" regarding "Aikatsu on Parade" Show more

Poll for my "synopsis followers" regarding "Aikatsu on Parade" Show more

Two things that keep me from checking the "Aikatsu On Parade" premiere tonight:

(1) The place that I usually go to do livewatching stuff is CLOSED at said hour... 😢

(2) I have important work obligations to deal with tonight as well... 😭

Double painful...

Morning, Aikatsu supporters! 😊

Finished viewing "Aikatsu Friends!", episode 76 with the TL - I don't know if I'm alone in this, but did anyone else here take a bunch of pictures from this series finale episode? Just wondering.

Am I the only one who really loves the main performance dresses of "Dancing Diva"? (Sumire/Run)

And no, I'm not talking about their general school performance dresses. 😆

@walfie I'm beginning to think you're saying this in terms of viewing the eps but with Akatsukin's TLs attached to them. 😆

@MasterDalK Ugh... that's definitely painful just hearing about that news; is your hand still recovering. And did you also contact the highway patrol/police about this?

Getting this final synopsis that I wrote for my board targeting the "SERIES FINALE" episode of "Aikatsu Friends!" ("Everyone Everyone's Friends!"); looking foward to seeing how this wraps up as we put this iteration in the history books and look forward to an all-new chapter within the coming days. Can't wait.

Morning, Aikatsu fan community! 🤗 😊

Still feverishly counting down the days until the "Aikatsu On Parade" series premiere. By the way, anyone know if this was the same poster that was also featured in that Computiq magazine issue?

I love this illustration so much; just wish there was one without the "autographs". 😆

"Aikatsu Friends!" series finale first thoughts Show more

"Aikatsu Friends!" series finale first thoughts Show more

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