Yeah! I posted my sample to Twitter~!

I can't believe Comiket is this weekend...
I'm not going to apply for the Golden Week one, I'll be in Canada during that time!!

I finished my Comiket book! I guess I'll post a sample later, but here's some new artist card designs

I did it! I did 14 of them! I won't win the shikishi but I don't care! It's the first time I collected ALL the tokuten for a Precure Works artbook

Basically they could open a Precure store in Harajuku or Shinjuku and that would be really great

Wish I had more Precure friends nearby to do spur of the moment Precure things

@Miluda When someone think about Home or Star, It's always far away. So I wondered that this book's title could be like:
"Star is a thing one thinks only when it is far away"

Don't take what I say seriously, but I want to tell you this.
Your manga make me writing this, is it a magic power!?😁

@Miluda By the way, the afterword that explains the title idiom reminds me that a verse of a japanese poem - "故郷(ふるさと)は遠(とお)くに在(あ)りて思(おも)うもの".
It's not a idiom but as famous as so. It's hard to explain a meaning with my poor English skill 😂
but my translation is here:
"Home is a thing one thinks only when it is far away"
and this verse darkly including that "Home" meaning not just a place (as original idiom means so). →

@Miluda Hi, I read your book bought at C96.
I really impressed to your discover and insight about "eyelash gap", and this hypothesis is interesting to me.
And, Ofcource, I really loves that MiraRikoHa being a family, it's not playing. YES!!!!!
Thank you for your work🤩🤩 Cure Up Rapapa~

It's also easy to tell which part of the year it might be because the clear zippered bag changes

I started taking my Precure dolls to work and I like that it's easy to see which day of the week it is on my food photos
Today's Friday so it's Cosmo

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