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Miluda、キラキラアイドル美少女剣士 @Miluda

Me, an hour ago: I don't want be fat
Me, now: I could go for some ice cream right now

Hmm... clicking images after I've uploaded them show a blurry version before it loads the full image. It's a slow transition that I don't really like and wasn't there in the previous version of kirakiratter

Precure Idol CDs I have so far. I should check the list on which ones I'm still missing

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Hmm, seems like the update doesn't remove the kirakiratter links when you upload images anymore. It used to hide them

@MasterDalK Yeah, I see a lot of different changes, like favs show the other person's icon now as well? Or was that there

I'm becoming a fat Miluda because visitors to Tokyo equals EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT

Not the glowsticks I was looking for but I will take Chloe

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Time to head to Akihabara for a giant imas producer meeting

Things I did the last week:
Sell my book at Comiket
Waited early in line at the Precure store (two times)
Went to Saitama Super Arena for Cinderella Girls 5th Live
Ate a lot of food
Sang a lot of karaoke
Celebrated Kousaka Umi, Shibuya Rin, and Igarashi Kyoko's birthdays with cake and friends

(Precure store)
Girl behind me: geez that's like $300 worth of stuff
Me: *takes out COACH wallet mom gave me*
Girl: ok maybe not that much...
Me: *takes out gold credit card* (man, I must look rich...)

This was the result of my effort of waiting all morning at the Precure store

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but ummm i'm glad i bought the vol 1 collection of kirakira precure a la mode

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