We found the Pon Pon Crepe merch in AmiAmi and bought a lot of it haha

Saw Aikatsu 10th Story with @TheShillito and another friend today. Was a lot of fun!

Made good progress with holiday prep today. Also making sure I am taking the Aikatsu stuff I need! (no joke I have frequent nightmares of going to Japan and realising I've left my Aikatsu stuff behind)

After that might not be back for a while as I want to explore Europe more. Planning a trip to France for next year where I'm hoping to tour around a few of its major cities by train

Tomorrow I need to start packing for Japan. Excited to go back after so long away (my last trip was in 2019). It's just a short trip to Tokyo but hoping to come back again in the autumn to visit Kyushu

Oh yeah this account is still a thing. It is dark and rainy today 🌧

Watched Aqours Ocean Stage day 1 live this morning. Was good fun, glad they did Aqours Pirates Desire

Thanks to my ongoing OG Aikatsu rewatch reminding me this is a thing that exists

Can't believe it's been a year since Aikatsu Music Festa

Got Kyary's new album and I much prefer it over Perfume's latest.

This arrived today. Still supporting Miho, Sena and the rest of the former Star Anis/Aikatsu Stars girls whenever they release something.

Slowly catching up with Kiratto Pri-chan. I think Rinka is my favourite character at this point

Slightly annoyed that becasue of the way Amazon split its SKUs I miss out on the pre order box for the Music Festa blu rays. Ah well, it's the discs that count

Haven't posted for a while, hello! Off to see Maquia at the cinema again!

I made a podcast about Japan and going to Aikatsu Music Festa, I'd appreciate it if you listened!



Flying home soon. To the Kirakiratter members who said hello hope you enjoyed the live and hope to see you again soon!

Oh no
I use the same muscles for waving pen lights and holding the rail in the train...

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