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Matthew Tinn @Onosume

We don't really do anything big for New Year so guess it's a day of games for me then!

Happy new year KiraKiratter peeps! 明けましておめでとうございます!

My quiz result was not a surprise. Been there, done that, got the doujinshi.

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This week's Aikatsu Stars was fun to watch. I do like the episodes that are more about having fun and doing fun idol activities.

Logged into KiraKiratter for the first time in a while

Certainly a productive day but now I am tired

@h0m54r If that was true that'd be a miracle haha

@TheShillito I'm free any time this weekend. If you want to pass through general ideas probably better to DM on Twitter

Back in the UK now, but I'll be back in Japan for Aikatsu Music Festa next year

@torresx555 Hi! Thank you I really enjoyed it. Both me & Peter have tickets for Music Festa 2018. We are looking forward to it!

To those who said hi, thank you! I had a lovely time!


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@kanzaki0813 I bought a towel from the shop. For the 2nd live do I hand my receipt in downstairs?

@torresx555 Am I standing behind you in the shop queue? Not sure if it's you or not

@kanzaki0813 The one next to the photo booth? Not thw onw going inside?

@kanzaki0813 最初のライブにはどのキューを使用する必要がありますか?私の日本語は大変申し訳ありません!

I'm at Aiport Walk in a queue and I have no idea what I'm doing and the language barrier isn't helping.

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