Need to go pick up a package today (should be the physical Wii U games I ordered) but after that will be playing some Splatfest.

おはよう~~~~ Sure am ready for the weekend at this point

We found the Pon Pon Crepe merch in AmiAmi and bought a lot of it haha

Saw Aikatsu 10th Story with @TheShillito and another friend today. Was a lot of fun!

Made good progress with holiday prep today. Also making sure I am taking the Aikatsu stuff I need! (no joke I have frequent nightmares of going to Japan and realising I've left my Aikatsu stuff behind)

After that might not be back for a while as I want to explore Europe more. Planning a trip to France for next year where I'm hoping to tour around a few of its major cities by train

Tomorrow I need to start packing for Japan. Excited to go back after so long away (my last trip was in 2019). It's just a short trip to Tokyo but hoping to come back again in the autumn to visit Kyushu

@MeritC @TheShillito I had a quick search and this is all I could find:

Stuff for the 3DS games would be hard to find outside of JP circles as it's a niche thing and as Peter says not marketed outside of Asia. They were pulled from the stores a couple of years ago as well.

@MeritC It kinda rings a bell so I think I've watched it at some point. It's the stuff for Stars that sticks more in my head though.

Oh yeah this account is still a thing. It is dark and rainy today 🌧

Watched Aqours Ocean Stage day 1 live this morning. Was good fun, glad they did Aqours Pirates Desire

Thanks to my ongoing OG Aikatsu rewatch reminding me this is a thing that exists

A response to: I have so many concerns and questions following episode 2 of On Parade 

Can't believe it's been a year since Aikatsu Music Festa

Got Kyary's new album and I much prefer it over Perfume's latest.

This arrived today. Still supporting Miho, Sena and the rest of the former Star Anis/Aikatsu Stars girls whenever they release something.

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