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if the kirakiratter flower stand didn't exist, the mieru mieru rabbit might not have been at budoukan at all. I'm glad the good rabbit has representation

Even though I've never been to an Aikatsu concert and never could've gone to this one, it still feels really sad that it's reaching the end. I hope everyone has fun, and I'll be cheering in my heart from the other side of the world

Aikatsu Music Festa tickets have shipped. Due for delivery on the 23rd through Japan Post's Yu-Pack service.

Also, if people would like to, I would like to meet with everyone before the Music Festa in a couple of weeks.

Been checking out my Aikatsu Stars profile before I head back to Japan in less than 2 weeks and surprised on how much data the game captures. Did not expect it to hold images of the last version of each of the cards you made.

After everyone got their star cards it definitely faltered and should have reflected the game more. Guess that's when they piled the resources into Friends. Like how final season of OGkatsu was lackluster

Kinda sad to see Stars go but they could have done a lot more than they have done. Particularly with this final quarter.

Waking up to the news of Aikatsu Friends been real. And a replacement for PriPara too? Like woah.

We don't really do anything big for New Year so guess it's a day of games for me then!

Happy new year KiraKiratter peeps! 明けましておめでとうございます!

This week's Aikatsu Stars was fun to watch. I do like the episodes that are more about having fun and doing fun idol activities.

Logged into KiraKiratter for the first time in a while

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