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Wait so it's 2018, the year Trauma Center takes place, right? Where's our time-stopping doctors who can cure little killer pathogen things and five-minute surgeries?


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enby and genderfluid culture is feeling liberated every time you discover a new term that you can use to explain who you are

It's no longer a Sharetea but a new milk tea place. And they haven't replaced the uncomfortably low stools... (at @ShareteaSc in Santa Clara, CA)

whining about technology not working 

And no, don't tell me anything involving HP computers, I don't use one. Just tell me if it still nukes files for no apparent reason.

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Anyone know if Windows update KB4462919 is safe

My PC's had 26 days of uptime and I can't restart because there's literally no way around the update

Maybe it's because I'm running a somewhat oudated processor with 8 GB of RAM but again, that's the fucking problem: "good enough" RAM is going to be "unacceptably low amount of RAM" in about 3 years.

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I don't get all these Chrome memory leak memes, tbh Firefox can be just as bad

Planned obsolescence all around. That PC you're using now will become basically unusuable, even just to text-chat with friends, in 10 years unless you upgrade the hardware.

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I hate how not only do system requirements for current games increase over time, but so do system requirements just to use social media, productivity software, etc.

me going to ross as a kid: "ugh mommmm, why do we have to go to ross this is boring"
me going to ross today: "oh hey, $80 slacks for $20"

now that sega is running 3 arcade music games are they gonna come up with a brand name for their line of otoge, much like how konami has bemani

The next version of Chunithm is called CHUNITHM AMAZON

Will I get paid the equivalent of 15 USD an hour for playing it

Trying to make an online account and, as typical of government institutions, it has a bunch of needless password restrictions. It's 2018; any organization that legitimately cares for the safety of its users should not have such a low ch. limit.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen a single "JE SUIS MONTE" since I transferred to .

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