@Akatsukin Hey, I was the dude with the oshamoji shirt at AX, I just haven't had a chance to log in to kirakiratter, since I'm way more active on twitter. Nice to meet you though, sorry we couldn't talk more, was super busy all AX.

@Shizu oh wait you were the guy with the oshamoji shirt?????

@Shizu i spent the whole night at wota peace party thinking you were omo.........

@bitmap omo likes non-imas or wug?? news to me haha

@Shizu in fairness i had no idea what omo looked like either lmao

@bitmap I guess we're both larger asian dudes with glasses haha

@Shizu oh no it's just because i knew omo organized it and you were outside checking people at the door when i came w

@Shizu So I was checking all the business cards I got from last year... and I found your old one with the Akkarin dakimakura. Guess we met before! Sorry for not remembering your face, I'm terrible at that

@Akatsukin oh...I don't remember this actually, haha I guess it's on both ends

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