Aikatsu! On! Parade! Subs!
Watch! Watch again! Until you find the door into the world of Aikatsu!

It's like skipping Have a Nice MUSIC!!, I'm not here for that kind of negativity

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Wish I was born in Japan like 30 years earlier so I could see Meiko Nakahara perform Friday Magic in her heyday

Trying to get your friends to watch Aikatsu is also Aikatsu, right?

It's really easy to mishear a drawn out, soulful pronunciation of "しそげる" (at least, I think that's what it is) as "she's so gay ooo" and I think that's beautiful

Really enhances my enjoyment of Hitomi Tohyama's song "Station" =w=

The entire fediverse is currently broken on Tusky except for Kirakiratter lol

Something along the lines of Imperishable Night where you play as teams of two

Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Reflect Moon, I Believe...the game designs itself

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I've been thinking of making an Aikatsu-based shmup fangame

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