Oh! It's Tsubasa's birthday today! Time to listen to "Dancing Days"

I am keeping an eye on eventernote, but if you hear of any Aikatsu events or concerts 12th-26th September featuring Aikatsu singers, past or present, please let me know.

Nanase and Rie have a concert on 28th September, the day after I fly home ;_;

I wish there was a more low cost option of getting to Japan at shorter notice. It's at least £450 for return flights. This time I paid £526 for September and I'm there for two and a bit weeks. I think if I could fly there for £200-300 I'd be more interested in doing more regular, shorter trips.

I am looking forward to visiting Japan in September. If I win the lottery, I will be seeing Mia Regina live.

Hello everyone. Are you well? It's been a while. Sorry, I am still more twitter-focussed as that's where most people I know are.

At the studio preparing for my radio show, and the computer I was using is now rebooting for Windows updates ¬_¬

I miss Japan every day. I look forward to going back, hopefully this year. However, Brexit is making the flight prices and currency exchange from £ to ¥ very expensive, so I'm concerned I might not be able to do it for a while if I can't save up enough.

Especially since I want to import the Ichigo and Lily figures when they come out >_<

hi kirakiratter. long time no see. are you all well?

finished work and ready for the weekend. looking forward to adding the new Aikatsu Friends music to the radio station library!

Amazon Japan are still not listing the new Photokatsu SP CD, Aikatsu Stars Soundtrack 2 and Aikatsu Friends insert song single "PINK".

I've ordered Photokatsu SP from CDJapan, but I haven't ordered the other two yet as it's more expensive to buy from CDJapan and it takes longer to be delivered too. I hope Amazon fix their site to list the new singles.

Aikatsu Friends OP/ED CD has been delivered to a locker near my home. Can't wait to finish work and listen to "Believe It" over and over and over...

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