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Attempt to get Aikatsu Music Festa tickets from the lottery failed. Guess we have to wait for general sale?

@Onosume I have emailed japonicamarket asking if they will enter the lottery for tickets. They don't mention lotteries on their site so dunno if they'll do it.

@TheShillito Worth a shot. Let's see what they come back with.

Peter Shillito @TheShillito

@Onosume not cheap, but they can do it. sounds like you have to pay for the item and shipping in advance and they refund if you don't get it.

@TheShillito Okay, I was expecting as much. I sent them an email this morning as well so I'm waiting to hear back myself, but if they can do it let's go for it.

@Onosume yeah okay. I'll figure out how much I'm paying them and how when I get home after work.

@TheShillito FYI I just got the same back from Japonica. It's roughly £80 a ticket at current exchange rate. I'll look at sorting it either tonight when I get back from Genocidal Organ or tomorrow morning.

@Onosume gosh, £160 for both tickets is gonna be a sting on the wallet...

@TheShillito Yeah, the poor exchange rate doesn't help.

@Onosume it was improving for a bit, but then dropped again this morning T_T

@Onosume Definitely waiting until I get home. Don't want to rush this process since I have to pay for it up-front :(

@Onosume Paid Japonica. My friend said they've never had problems getting tickets from them except when providing incorrect URLs. If they miss out on the lottery, they can ask you if you want them to try again on general sale.

@TheShillito That's mine done as well. Let's see what we get!

@Onosume it just occurred to me that the tickets may be subject to customs. not sure...

@TheShillito Oh yeah they probably will be. What shipping option did you select?

@Onosume EMS. they said they can reduce the amount on the customs slip, but then it's only insured up to that amount

@TheShillito Yeah same. I'd rather have it insured so I know I haven't lost everything if it goes missing in transit.

@Onosume if they label it as "printed material" it might get pass customs as books and such are exempt.

@TheShillito Could slip through if they're clever about it.

@Onosume just had a second invoice through for the remaining fees. wasn't expecting to need to pay them upfront sorry.

@TheShillito This is the email that I received. Not sure what you're referring to?

@Onosume ah okay. you deposited the full amount including comission and stuff first. their form asked for the item cost so I only paid for the item costs at first and, thus, got an invoice for the remainder just now. no worries then

@TheShillito Oh yeah. In their first email they had a link to all the payment tables that showed the "deposit" was the ticket price + all fees.

@Onosume hmm. oh well, we've paid the same now (slightly more for me cos I've paid by PayPal twice lol).