Sad news 

Ya Boy Kongming (パリピ孔明) has introduced me to Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) which I'll have to try in Japan next time I go, as I'm a big fan of Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) already.

Oh! The official Mastodon client has added local timeline now. That helps.

Peterさんの番組はここからチェックだ アイカツを筆頭に日本語アニソンと英語MCが特盛よ。日本だと日曜朝6時〜8時に生配信だからプリキュアの前に早起きして聞こう。

What Mastodon apps are people using? I got the official one and it doesn't support local timeline 🤦

CD arrived at my proxy. Hopefully it can be sent to the UK soon...

@Scarlet I have absolutely used "breakfast" as a verb. Perhaps not seriously, but still "let's get breakfasting" is something I have said at least once.

I have also been spending too much money on Marche buying digital cheki of Waka, Fuuri and Risuko 😍😍😍

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👋 hi everyone. Hope you're all well. Seems like a lot of peoole will be leaving twitter if Elon Musk buys the website and the changes peoole are concerned about happening happen . So, i am bringing this account back, especially since there is an official Mastodon client for iOS now.

As far as Aikatsu goes, I've been keeping up. I watched the Resound Stars live and got the CD. The Tristar figures have arrived too!

@suzukawanaoto apparently some airlines such as ANA are waiving cancellation fees if events are cancelled due to the virus. Definitely worth trying, although I don't know who you're flying with.

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