Just gone live on thisisthecat.com for my all night 10 year anniversary radio show. Going all the way through to 7am UK time (so for the next 10 hours). Feel free to tune in at any point as I'll be playing anime music, talking (in English sorry) and having fun! More information in Japanese: nekodesu.co.uk/index_jp.html

I'm in the local newspaper this week as my radio show is 10 years old next week, and we're raising money for Samaritans (a mental health charity in the UK). They cropped out the figures either side of me but they kept Aikatsu On Parade on the TV 😂

my friends and I are in the middle of our charity gaming stream marathon to raise money for Samaritans (the mental health charity)! You can donate at vscary.co/charity (the more you donate, the longer we stay awake) and watch at vscary.co/twitch

We have already raised enough money to make our stream 27 hours

Turns out you can set up wireguard VPNs on Amazon Web Services on their free tiers, so now I have a Japanese VPN and I can watch Clearness live 😍

Does anyone know of any cheap or free Japanese VPNs I can use to access ch.ani.tv as they block access from outside Japan.

@MasterDalK I don't stream anything either usually, but it's cool that there's a legal and cheaper way to listen than importing the CDs.

On Parade episode 3 spoilers Show more

It's only episode 2, I know, it's early days. First impressions are important though.

I have so many concerns and questions following episode 2 of On Parade Show more

I have so many concerns and questions following episode 2 of On Parade Show more

Watched the latest Aikatsu On Parade episode on the train home 👌

To all my friends in Japan, please stay safe during the typhoon.
\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

@MasterDalK I guess go to whichever post office is convenient for you. I'd be surprised if it varies a lot around the country

@MasterDalK I put in a random Quebec postcode, so I dunno if that makes much of a difference, but it was 12.74 for international surface mail.

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