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On Parade episode 3 spoilers 

It's only episode 2, I know, it's early days. First impressions are important though.

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I have so many concerns and questions following episode 2 of On Parade 

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I have so many concerns and questions following episode 2 of On Parade 

Watched the latest Aikatsu On Parade episode on the train home 👌

To all my friends in Japan, please stay safe during the typhoon.
\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

@MasterDalK I guess go to whichever post office is convenient for you. I'd be surprised if it varies a lot around the country

@MasterDalK I put in a random Quebec postcode, so I dunno if that makes much of a difference, but it was 12.74 for international surface mail.

@MasterDalK Sounds good! Canada Post reckons it's about 12 CAD to post it to the UK too.

@MasterDalK I have no idea lol. It's cheaper to send a postcard from Japan to the UK than UK domestically, so prices are all over the place. I can do Paypal no problem, though please let me know how much things are.

@MasterDalK There'll be normal post offices about (cheapest), but there will also be Fedex, DHL, TNT, etc about. I have a public postal address for sending things to:

C206 Cheshire College South and West
Dane Bank Avenue
United Kingdom

Sending from the states would also be fine, by the way. I'm not sure how expensive it would be though.

Aikatsu on Parade episode 1 was great. I'm not a big fan of Raki, but I'm sure I'll warm to her the same way I did with Aine after her debut.

There's too many things on Booth I want to order, but I'm very overdrawn after my holiday so I need to resist >_<

@MasterDalK I can't get to Copenhagen, but shipping from Copenhagen to the UK is cheaper for all of us (no customs for me, unless Brexit actually happens) so if you'd be up for that, I'd definitely say yes!

@MasterDalK I'd love their music on CD, but I'm not in NA. I do download their stuff from Booth though.

I'm like a month behind on watching Aikatsu Friends due to various reasons. Probably gonna watch a lot of them in a row tomorrow.

Rather jetlagged and already missing Japan...

Time to prepare for my radio show!

Next time I go to Japan, I hope to explore the other islands, like Kyushu or Hokkaido.

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