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‪Are these already installed anywhere? It says by the end of September, and I'm here until the 27th‬

Now I'm on the shinkansen back to Shinagawa to get to Shinjuku (where our next place to stay is) and Shibuya (where some friends are)

I went on the Sagano Romantic Train from Arashiyama today. I've been before but it's still incredible to see.

Is ¥4500 reasonable for each of these? I've been looking for these for a while

in Kobe and Hiroshima, people stood on the left 🤔 I've only seen on the right in Osaka.

Is it only Osaka where you stand on the right of the escalator instead of the left in Japan?

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ここはMastodonですが「トゥート!」が「カツ!」に、また象ではなくうさぎがいます。 このサーバーに参加するのにアイカツ!のファンである必要はありませんが、kirakiratterにいるほとんどのユーザーはアイカツ!ファンです。

詳しくは こちら。また、wikiがあります。

It's Mastodon but "toot" is "katsu" and also there's a rabbit. Please note that this instance is primarily for Aikatsu fans!

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