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Thank you everyone for guiding and reacting to my Japan adventures. i'll be back in Japan one day soon hopefully. For now, the journey across England to get home and then sleep.

Arrived in Hong Kong. Two hours until the flight to London

teamLab borderless seems expensive, but is totally worth it I reckon. Shame you can't re-enter as I'm getting hungry after spending a few hours here.

Last day in Japan 😭 at least I get to show off one of my new t-shirts

I was told I was very lucky to see all four idols on the same day. Thank you dear stage 🙇‍♀️

I went to Dearstage for the first time today. I got to speak to Waka, Fuuri, Risuko and Eri, with Mahiru from Moso Calibration translating for me, as well as making some new friends who also helped translate for me.

A very good evening 😸

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