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Peter Shillito @TheShillito

I have Bon Bon Voyage! in my head this morning. Such a catchy song~

there's a board meeting today, so I have to wear a necktie 👔

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Having my own place to live is nice. I can start renewing friendships with people that I very rarely see by offering them a place to stay rather than making them get a hotel.

160 days until I return to Japan (home?)

update: Aikatsu Scrapbook 3 is now on Amazon Japan, but the Music Festa 2017 Blu-rays aren't yet...

the new Aikatsu Scrapbook 3 CD and the Music Festa 2017 Blu-rays are listed on CDJapan, but not Amazon yet. the translation of the Blu-rays sound like the Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars are separated? not sure if I need to buy both...

@Tiepp okay, I will have fun either way ^_^ thank you

Are there any good guides to the calls and chants/wotagei for Aikatsu Stars songs?

Did I mention how I've booked the flights and apartment for mine and @Onosume's trip to Japan in February? Aikatsu Music Festa, here we come!!!


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good morning. time for work zzzz

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I spent all day making a new radio demo, updating my CV and writing cover letter, etc for a new job. I have applied to be a drivetime presenter on a major commercial radio station in the area, who will hopefully pay me to do radio. it won't be anime, but I'll be able to do what I love rather than just what I can do. I have a suspicion I won't be able to get the job, or the pay will be too low, but I will do my best.

@h0m54r I apparently can't type. February is basically august lol

@Onosume Ah, I should've sent this on Twitter. See you on the other side...

@Onosume well, I've tentatively booked 22nd August-6th March off work so that I don't end up being told I can't go if someone else books any of those days off. Can you look up flight prices for yourself around that time and draw up a shortlist you can afford, and I'll do the same, and we'll try to match them up. Note that for Neko Desu I can't fly back on a Saturday or early Sunday.

@Onosume We should set aside some time to discuss Japlans soon and book stuff. When are you free?

I can pick up some moves from the blu-rays, but I've not seen any songs from the Aikatsu Stars series live yet. Maybe 2017's live shows will be on blu-ray later this year.

Can anyone point me to a Star Anis and Aikatsu Stars wotagei guide?

@h0m54r I am guaranteed to be using my credit card for flights and accomodation for Feb, but that will be paid off over the next few months (SLA is happening in October too).

@h0m54r thing is, I can't really afford a second week in feb, but I could use credit and pay it off over the year, alternatively i save up and go later in the year without worry of too much credit...