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Peter Shillito

I have Bon Bon Voyage! in my head this morning. Such a catchy song~

there's a board meeting today, so I have to wear a necktie ๐Ÿ‘”

Having my own place to live is nice. I can start renewing friendships with people that I very rarely see by offering them a place to stay rather than making them get a hotel.

160 days until I return to Japan (home?)

update: Aikatsu Scrapbook 3 is now on Amazon Japan, but the Music Festa 2017 Blu-rays aren't yet...

the new Aikatsu Scrapbook 3 CD and the Music Festa 2017 Blu-rays are listed on CDJapan, but not Amazon yet. the translation of the Blu-rays sound like the Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars are separated? not sure if I need to buy both...

Are there any good guides to the calls and chants/wotagei for Aikatsu Stars songs?

Did I mention how I've booked the flights and apartment for mine and @Onosume's trip to Japan in February? Aikatsu Music Festa, here we come!!!

good morning. time for work zzzz

I spent all day making a new radio demo, updating my CV and writing cover letter, etc for a new job. I have applied to be a drivetime presenter on a major commercial radio station in the area, who will hopefully pay me to do radio. it won't be anime, but I'll be able to do what I love rather than just what I can do. I have a suspicion I won't be able to get the job, or the pay will be too low, but I will do my best.

I can pick up some moves from the blu-rays, but I've not seen any songs from the Aikatsu Stars series live yet. Maybe 2017's live shows will be on blu-ray later this year.

Can anyone point me to a Star Anis and Aikatsu Stars wotagei guide?

Japan holiday 2018: one week in February and one week in August for Comiket, OR 2 weeks in February and then next trip in 2019...

breakfast today is just a bunch of peanuts. I'm a bit poor right now

woke up to realise I had no shirts ironed for work. mad panic to iron one in a rush and not be late.

Now that I know I'm going to Japan in February for Aikatsu Music Festa, I should see what other events there are going on around that time. I'll keep an eye on eventernote, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I'll be in Japan for around a week, so only a few days before and after the festa days probably.

I need to try and find recordings of some of the Aikatsu Stars songs live. I don't know the wotagei, calls, etc for anything not out on Blu-ray...

I won the Aikatsu Music Festa ticket lottery for both days! I'M GOING TO SEE STAR ANIS AND AIKATSU STARS LIVE IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!!

Good morning! I've not heard anything from Japonica Market yet about the Music Festa tickets, but they're open every day, so maybe I'll hear something over the weekend