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Peter Shillito

I’ve started using Duolingo to try and get better at Japanese. It’s going to take me a while, but I hope to get to the point where I can log onto Kirakiratter and understand the basics of what everybody is saying...

In 30 minutes, I begin my special 10 hour "All Nighter" radio show over on (and on 107.9FM around Crewe and Nantwich in the UK) to raise money for Cancer Research UK on

So exited for my special extra long radio show later! Going to debut "Message of a Rainbow" along with lots of other anime music (including Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars).

I made a draft of Aikatsu english brochure for travelers. I'd like to get your feedback.

been rushing around my flat this evening washing everything and making sure all beds have new bedding, etc. I think I'm ready to have three people staying here this weekend, just about. time for sleep 😴

going to be training people to use our intranet (parts of which I design and program) and Firefox in general.

Anyway, it is now 00:10 in the UK, I should be sleeping. I am training people at work tomorrow (today?) so I need lots of sleeps~

You are all very kind (I should turn off email notifications >_< )

In terms of actual Aikatsu Stars TV discussion, I was so surprised by Nanase being the singing voice for Koharu! She usually has such a sharp and cool voice, but for Koharu her voice is soft and sweet~ really impressed by her range of voice styles!

I'm super looking forward to seeing her perform live at Music Festa 2018!

Finally, this weekend I will be doing an all night special of my radio show as the finale of my friends and I's charity fund-raising. We've been raising money for Cancer Research UK and have raised so far £1094.01 (¥162,602). The finale means that people in different time zones could listen as it's 9pm-7am UK time (6am-4pm Japan time) so maybe you could join me?

There's more information here:

This week is the 8th year anniversary of my radio show, where I met lots of really nice people, including my partner. It also means I get to play Aikatsu music on the radio, which can be picked up by anyone in the area (even in cars) on FM, but also online everywhere.

So, just as a catch up, here's the status of me:
1) I'm going to Japan in February to go to Aikatsu Music Festa 2018. I am terrified of something going wrong with getting the tickets (I worry about it every day) but I am also very excited!

2) I can't afford the Music Festa 2017 BDs until after I come back from Japan. This is mostly because I need a new phone and there's also Christmas so I need to buy presents for friends and family.

3) Still buying all the CDs though.

Hi Kirakiratter. I don't use this website much these days, sorry. Most people I know are on Twitter instead, so I spend more time there. I also find it difficult to use Kirakiratter when most messages are in Japanese, and my Japanese reading knowledge is poor...

I will try to use Kirakiratter more again, though, as I want to talk about Aikatsu more. I met some people in the UK who also watch Aikatsu, and it's really great to actually talk to people about it who also enjoy it!!!

People in Japan are waking up while in the UK I am going to sleep. Time zones are Meeeee~~~hhhh!! 🐑

Tick tick tick tick... ding-dong! According to my mental database, it's Ako-nyan's birthday! Tanjoubi omedetou!

Are there any English-speaking radio shows or radio stations in Japan? I've been trying (and failing) to get a paid radio job in the UK, and perhaps my 10 years of doing an anime radio show in the UK would do me more favours in the country it came from lol

152 days until I leave for Japan!

I have Bon Bon Voyage! in my head this morning. Such a catchy song~