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Peter Shillito @TheShillito

Sitting in the Blu-ray queue. They've just started putting the flowers back out. If there's anyone nearby, come say hello

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Today I won't be so lucky with my seat. It's right at the back of the top section...😶


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Sound test for Tuesday so far (maybe spoilers for set list) Show more

@han_nm7 thank you. I always do!!! 👍😊

I can hear Start Line faintly coming from inside Budokan. Seems there's a sound test happening.

みんなAIKATSU GENERATIONのパネル展示されてるから見てね!※18:00までなので開演前じゃないと見れません※

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I wonder how many westerners will be around apart from us two...

Awwww I missed the chance to get my name on the kkt flower stand...

@han_nm7 I've been to sky tree before, but we are going to solamachi for the Aikatsu shop tomorrow 👌😊

Queuing for goods is also Aikatsu

On my way to Budokan now after visiting Tokyo Tower.

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Even though I've never been to an Aikatsu concert and never could've gone to this one, it still feels really sad that it's reaching the end. I hope everyone has fun, and I'll be cheering in my heart from the other side of the world