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got really bad hay fever today 🤧🤧🤧

finished work and ready for the weekend. looking forward to adding the new Aikatsu Friends music to the radio station library!

Amazon Japan are still not listing the new Photokatsu SP CD, Aikatsu Stars Soundtrack 2 and Aikatsu Friends insert song single "PINK".

I've ordered Photokatsu SP from CDJapan, but I haven't ordered the other two yet as it's more expensive to buy from CDJapan and it takes longer to be delivered too. I hope Amazon fix their site to list the new singles.

Aikatsu Friends OP/ED CD has been delivered to a locker near my home. Can't wait to finish work and listen to "Believe It" over and over and over...

I wonder what Aikatsu Friends' Christmas tree cutting tradition will be

i still get a little upset at Waka's performance of Kagayaki no Etude at Music Festa 2018 ;_;

People seem excited about Aikatsu Friends starting. Lots of fan art and screenshots of episode 1 about. I'm not sure if I want to go straight into Friends or wait a little while. The end of Stars still feels quite sudden...

Looks like "Believe It" is the ending theme to Aikatsu Friends. That seems very appropriate (like an "episode solo 2" almost). "Believe It" is definitely my favourite track I've heard from Friends so far, but they're all quite good.

Are the performances at Dear Stage Week recorded? Will there be a DVD or BD?

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I sent a fan letter to Nanase two weeks ago and it arrived there last week. Nanase then tweeted out *in English* thanking for overseas fan letters ^_^

Nanase is getting a solo live!!! I'm so happy for her. Sad I can't be there, but I hope it goes well. I heard her solo performance at Dear Stage Week was something special too! I hope I can go to one of her solo lives next year when I return to Japan.

The event -->

Now I need to get a train back home and lots of trains are cancelled due to the weather. More fun...

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