Almostcaught up with AoP~

I think I still like friends and vanilla more but still not bad!~

not a fan of juri's song tho :c

Up to episode 25 of Friends; and I'm really loving it; I think if I keep up the pace I'll easily make it on time for Parade! :D

Mio I think is still my fav, but I'm excited for some of the other designs I've seen.

Still miss the old OP tho ;=;

Its 3am and I all I wanna do is make an OC :(

Just finished up to Episode 5 for Friends! I'm super excited for how things turn out; I'm absolutely in love with the hair dual color aesthetic so far~!

Just finished OG, now on my way to watching Stars and Friends, cant wait to see how it goes from here 😀


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