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@MasterDalK what's in the basket, karaage?




プリパラ〜♪(CV. 茜屋日海夏)

can't wait to play kirby like a pro

@walfie literally faster than a lot of domestic orders i've made through amazon lmao

@walfie ordered march 3, arrived march 6

@walfie .........oh. anyway dhl is a real shipping service and they got me a bluray from amazon japan really fast. i just had to go to the leasing office to pick it up

@walfie oh me too. usps and ups and maybe fedex can get into our apartment mail room but dhl, for example, can't

for reference, i'm supposed to get kirby shipped to me on release day (friday) and amazon still hasn't shipped it (wednesday night)

actually i prefer the deliveries where they just leave the package. the ones that require signatures mysteriously miss you 90% of the time even if you've been home all day...

prime shipping is pretty good nowadays. well i mean if you're near big cities.......