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also I do not recommend eating all 3 of those things at the same time. dont
dont do it

my food cravings is so weird.. it goes from craving chocolate -> to meat -> to something salty -> back to chocolate -> repeat

today I just learned that kkt has different themes... oh............

oh... oh no, there was a commission inquiry that i somehow missed in my emails but instead of it being sent to my main inbox, it showed up in promoted..? how??? huh??

my friend is playing new leaf on his 3DS and it's making me want to go back to playing it while i'm in bed all day w

my stomach doesn’t seem to agree with brown sugar it seems. i had brown sugar milk tea from several different places already and i just concluded that the brown sugar is probably too rich for my stomach and makes me nauseous. but.. its so addicting... _(:3 」∠)_

milk tea is very yummy.. but so is brown sugar milk tea!!!!!! oh!!! i treated myself today with some milk tea and i made a very good decision

I have these unused bear stickers, I wonder if I can paste them all over my planner.. heh

I had to put a small reminder in my planner to take things one step at a time.. instead of all at once. I have a really bad habit of doing that (⇀‸↼‶)

personal life 

Ah.. since I'm clearly not going to school anytime soon, I can just use my planner for freelance work..

I have a dry cough.. please be temporary. please 😣

my neck has been sore for the past few days.. i was thinking it was maybe because of how i sleep..? Or it’s my pillow ☹️

ive only ever done freelance stuff!!! i think ive been doing this since.. 2014? but didnt start working on serious projects until 2016

i've never written a resume in my entire life, these are so weird.. then I realized I have no experience in anything o<-< I think

I’ve been itching to do puzzles lately so I bought two 3D puzzles for myself.. theyre so cute...

had a crêpe for the first time!!!! custard!!!! chocolate!!!!!! 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

i wanna figure out how proxy services work.. my friend used white rabbit and i might use it for getting booth items (if they accept)

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