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お誕生日おめでとうここねちゃん!!🐿️ 🌰 🍀 🍰 🎉

i never thought i'd own t7s merch but here i am, with a handful of cds, novels and other books

one of these days i want to purchase a small radio that can play cds.. ive always wanted one of those in my rooms especially now that ive been purchasing physical cds now

i still need to start aikatsu friends but since this semester ends on the 24th, maybe i can spend the rest of my break by doing that

the person who gave me my drink at starbucks messed up my frappuccino, and forgot the caramel syrup on top but....... i think what she did was that instead of covering the top with the syrup, she dumped the syrup in the drink itself, making it 10x more sweeter

it may be a mistake, but it's a GOOD MISTAKE

I can't even look at my screen and draw without being so distracted by the light, it actually hurts, but there's nowhere else to sit...

I made the worst mistake to sit at a table directly under the sunlight, and then I realized that I'm actually a vampire and I'm burning 🧛‍♀️

it's strange how the local cat café here has the best matcha latte compared to starbucks? the one at starbucks tastes pasty and its nasty, but then the one at the cat cafe looks cuter and tastes better

oh........... oh cat cafe tomorrow... maybe....hopefully....

I thought it was my glasses that are dirty but it isnt? so i'm really confused 😨

ive been using a sleeping mask more frequently when i sleep but everytime i wake up, my left eye keeps getting "blurry" and idk why

my desk is so fun to sit at since i recently installed these fairy lights around it

cleaning the room because i dont feel like drawing today 🍀

I might sell some books that I have that have been lying around for years

ah i bought new cushions for my bed, expected to get it sometime in 2-3 weeks

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