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お誕生日おめでとうここねちゃん!!🐿️ 🌰 🍀 🍰 🎉

hah...... ohh.... i can already imagine myself eating mitarashidango 🍡

the natsumatsuri is on saturday again, it's finally that time of year

that went by really fast

第14話 🔍🕵


I could even write it by memory now 🤔 kanji is difficult

yesterday my friend taught me how to write the most random kanji ever

and it's 曜

man I keep staying in calls until very late into the night. But I also do this while having conflicted feelings about eating food

ah. so many decisions

I'm still living in a fantasy world where my mychara and mahiru are happy together...
A commission drawn by @cheshii !!

i'm not sure if i should go sit at my bed and draw on the ipad or continue sitting at my desk...

oh i forgot about how resourceful pixiv was ヾ(。・ω・)シ time to browse for tutorials

my brain shut off and i completely forgot about junction box and how i used to want to go there so badly

feeling a lot better I think, but I'm still coughing.... I might have to continue taking the cold medicine anyways before bed

while i was sick, i was drawing on it while in bed since i couldnt get up to sit at my desk, it was amazing

ever since i got an ipad, i've been drawing on it nonstop. its a lot more convenient than i thought

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