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お誕生日おめでとうここねちゃん!!🐿️ 🌰 🍀 🍰 🎉

I thought it was my glasses that are dirty but it isnt? so i'm really confused 😨

ive been using a sleeping mask more frequently when i sleep but everytime i wake up, my left eye keeps getting "blurry" and idk why

my desk is so fun to sit at since i recently installed these fairy lights around it

cleaning the room because i dont feel like drawing today 🍀

I might sell some books that I have that have been lying around for years

ah i bought new cushions for my bed, expected to get it sometime in 2-3 weeks

im gunna hope ikea still has that rug that i wanted to get for my room

my class schedule is so weird since i didnt get into the two other classes i signed up for, so now i only have classes on mondays and wednesday afternoons

and then every other day, i have nothing else to do.... i hate how i have one day of nothing in between monday and wednesday though

it's been really cold in my room so everytime I'm working, I cant feel my hands

I miss my space heater.. but unfortunately it overheated(?) and decided to stop working on me. but to be fair, that thing was pretty old so

I havent drawn anything aikatsu related in idk how long

but!!! i will go one day, tbh i just dream to meet all my online friends in person

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