@MasterDalK i havent really been around anyone else other than my family since like... march-april so hearing the construction people outside is weird

ohhh it’s so weird hearing the voice of other people outside my house

I took a sleeping pill last night and it successfully put me to sleep at an earlier hour but it wasnt early enough imo (5AM instead of 8AM) but I woke up because I think people are working on my roof...?

I've been watching too much vtubers.. even though my japanese isn't as great, somehow I'm able to understand some bits and I think I'm proud of myself for that

one of my favorite youtubers got engaged 😱

it’s windy and raining hard outside 🌬

I wanna fix up my pawoo account and start using it again but hm.. unsure πŸ€”

I made the mistake in consuming too much sugar yesterday so it made it impossible for me to sleep.. I was shaking and my heart was racing so I’m avoiding the sugar for the meantime. Refilled my waterbottle again and oh.. its so refreshing to drink cold water when its warm in my house

it’s taking like... 153636725383 years for anything to load 😒

waaah my internet is so bad right now _(:3 γ€βˆ )_

also I do not recommend eating all 3 of those things at the same time. dont
dont do it

my food cravings is so weird.. it goes from craving chocolate -> to meat -> to something salty -> back to chocolate -> repeat

today I just learned that kkt has different themes... oh............

oh... oh no, there was a commission inquiry that i somehow missed in my emails but instead of it being sent to my main inbox, it showed up in promoted..? how??? huh??

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