...wondering if shoujo ai content is allowed here..? just in case if i will upload shoujo ai in the future
im not sure but even if i will, it won't be anything nsfw, just mild shipping content or screencaps captioned with "aochigo/sumari/etc are girlfriends" xD

gosh i love sakura so much she is such a precious cinnamon roll

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btw does anyone here know where to find english subs for aikatsu planet?
i've tried to find russian subs but there were only episodes 1-2...

coming back for a sec to share this aikatsu planet fanart and then disappearing for eternity again

aww i just love it when she does her kitaoji theatre thing
best girl;;;;;;;;

uhh im so sorry if my posts show up in the local timeline and i interrupt your conversations ,,,, i don't do it on purpose i just wanted to post random stuff on my account ,,,

the way how i disappear randomly and appear after a long time only to talk about ichigo and sumari and disappear again

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