Wait, favorites have a spinning animation lmao. That's actually really nice.

I should find an app I like to use this more often tbh.

Does anyone have instructions for the CSS Styling to make it all kira kira?

Making a hitlist
☠ NotDolphy
☠ sabas
☠ Joomy

The @ should clearly have been replaced by an emoji. ☠

Watch no one recognize me because I don't have a Karen avatar :)

On a side note, having 500 characters is such a breath of fresh air. I can actually talk without having to carefully choose my words.

I'll just use this until I can remake ayaya.gif again. Sigh, need to go capture all the frames and everything.

Wow, it feels weird to have an avatar that's not Karen. Still blonde, so I guess

Freak, I don't think I have ayaya.gif anymore guys. My life is over.

I don't have good avatars on my work computer, so I'll add one later.


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