interactions with an account from an offline instance are weird. the server running another instance I was on is down and the admin lost access to it. maybe it's best to just make a new account for every instance that I decide to join so I can still access my remaining accounts if one goes down (although I don't envision more than 1 or 2 other instances popping up within my friend groups and I don't have too much interest in big stable instances like pawoo)

no wait I just remembered that's why you can set a toot to be unlisted and so it won't show up on the local/federated timeline (I don't think many people will use the feature properly tho)

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this is a good instance and it is for that exact reason I'm hesitant to use it as my main mastodon account in case other friends decide to make their own mastodon instances and I follow them from here and as a result bring unwanted content to the federated timeline (which I assume no one checks anyway but still)

I'm here bc google told me to make my passwords better

chicken cutlet sandwich for lunch... is that katsu enough

nothing good to katsu, just sitting here at work doing a whole load of nothing

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I'm gonna post it here too because i haven't seen much Maria content here despite today being her birthday.
I love you Maria, i'll always be there for you ;_;

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okay so I guess only way to hide images is sensitive content warning

does this work 

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