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New school name and etc Show more

@walfie cleaning staff are unbelievable?

@walfie possibly night time cleaning staff? :0

I've been so busy with going to school and working, and have not had time lately to draw...

Started re-watching Aikatsu in Mandarin to practice my Mandarin listening and reading ability. At the beginning I understood only about 15-20% of the dialogue, but now at episode 17, I understand about 50% of the dialogue. It feels really nice to see some improvement, but I really hope one day I can reach 100% comprehension

When is Ichinose Kaede's solo song?

@walfie take out time to visit me :^)

@KurebayashiJuri @walfie ooooooooh yeah these are super lovely *_* the whole art direction for the AiStars S2 endings is just perfect

@KurebayashiJuri @walfie ooh I wonder if they'll still be on sale by the time Walf gets there, then

At the store where I got the ID card, there was a young boy (maybe 5 years old) who was also buying Aikatsu cards, it was so cute ^p^

He was so excited and loudly talked about how much he loves Aikatsu

@walfie you mean physical ones or Line stickers

I got my first Aikatsu ID card today!

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I will try to go to the local Carrefour late at night and try to play the Aikatsu DCD there.. hopefully that way I can avoid the young girls and their parents haha ahhhhhh

Aikatsu DCD cabinets at the nearby Carrefour! I want to play but there are always young girls on it so I'm too embarrassed...

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