oh wait, the page says they won't be selling merchandise at the Tokyo Dome City Hall concerts?

hmm the Unit Parade concert tour t-shirt doesn't list the Tokyo Dome City Hall concert dates, so does that mean there will be a different shirt for those concerts?

The design for the Unit Parade towel is so nice, but I don't really like the pink/yellow color combination :/

I've never heard of Chinese karaoke places that require customers to download wechat to search songs by phone.... but I also have only been to Taiwanese or Japanese karaoke places

I'm thinking about skipping Geika in February and instead going to the Aikatsu tour dates in March *_*

everyone is just eavesdropping on Raki right outside the door

hopefully I can finish my Kaede birthday drawing tonight after I get home *_*

nevermind, I think we're just gonna get 3 stages back to back lol

whoa, are we going to not get 3 stages this episode? They haven't had even one yet

Flower stand for Soleil from Kaede Sushi!!!!!!!!!!

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