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I'm mostly up to date with Aikatsu Friends and I really love it... Kaguya has taken the spot of favorite character and her episode about overcoming her inferiority complex really hit home for me

My brain is not good and this entire week I thought Thursday is the 23rd and was scared that my Kaede birthday drawing would be late, but turns out I was just in time, yipee

🎉Happy Birthday!🎉 Kaede!! 🍣🎩✨ Today is Thanksgiving in America and every day I am thankful for Aikatsu and you 👏

今天買到的貨品!!! 台北車站的地下街超棒的😊

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LINE stickers have been approved!

Travel Idol Yuu Hattori!

image 1: Jiufen, Taiwan
image 2: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Japan
image 3: Los Angeles, USA
image 4: transparent version

Finally... I did the Aikatsu🎉

I should start watching Aikatsu Friends, it looks really good

Thank you for the KaeYuri duet song, Photokatsu 😭🙏🧡

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らいちくんかわいい!! だが最終的にわけのわからない構図になったw