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I finally am up to date on Aikatsu Friends and I'm so excited for the 2nd season

K-On was one of the first shows I watched when I started watching anime, so I'm particularly excited to see Hikasa Youko in an Aikatsu coord now

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きのうの 79 話のつづき見てる

MC: あなたはどのアイドルキャラクターが一番好きですか?

女の子: 神崎美月さんです

MC: オオオ。では、なぜ美月ちゃんが好きですか?

女の子: んん、美月さんはとても美しく、それから彼女はとても優しくて優しいからです。

台湾が恋しい... I want to go back 😢

I want to attend Geica... If it happens during American Thanksgiving, I could probably go *_*

AiFriends episode 41 made me cry... I love Mirai, I love how much she loves Karen

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