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If you're interested in contributing to the flower stand I'm ordering for the Aikatsu on Parade concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall in March, please fill out this form! There is a lot of information, so please read carefully ^_^

3月Tokyo Dome City Hallアイカツ ユニパレ に向けたオーダーメイドフラスタの注文に参加希望の方はこの表をご記入ください!情報は多めなのでよく読んでからお願いします。^_^


最近はなんか忙しい...😭 kktをあまり用いてません


I don't remember if they translate ノエル as "Noel" or "Noelle" in English

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Haven't done any wanikani lessons in days because of ACNH

Finally got my town hall on my island, which means I was able to change the town tune! But now I need to think of a flag design...

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I have done nothing but play Animal Crossing for 7 days straight

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