@walfie @MasterDalK @muffindaydream close enough! They're the same thing to me as a Californian!!

@MasterDalK @muffindaydream it's just kind of our reality haha. When we were in Kyoto this past January, I thought there was a fire and ash was falling from the sky, but Walf pointed out it was just snow

How worried must everyone back in the AiFriends world be

There was a lot of smoke in the air when we left work tonight, because of the fires north of us. It's been really windy lately so the firefighters are having a tough time...

@MasterDalK haha yeah I don't watch streamers in general so I'm sure whatever you tell me would be more accurate than whatever I make up

@MasterDalK oh no it's yo gurlz, pure palette, comin' at you live (that's how streamers speak, yes?)

Spooky donuts at work, half gone because we arrived late

@kikansya2001 んん、Dalkちゃんはあたしに言った! 嬉しいです~

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I want to try to sell at the next Geica, but I do not know how to apply...

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