yeah seems like I'd use fromjapan

although idk if I want to risk the situation getting even worse than now, I guess.

but yeah...EMS/SAL is effectively dead. Is there a proxy that has a DHL contract?

right, y'all are here

is it time for another group order????

I'm actually surprised I've tooted over a thousand toots, though

プロファイルの更新見ててびっくりした すごい

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大空お天気の時間です! (カリフォルニア時間帯)

Hoshimiya Ichigo is here and is about to go to America. 星宮いちごちゃん登場!そしてアメリカに行くんだー

lol I didn't end up going outside to get a cake or something so here we are, happy birthday again ichigo

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(config)# exit
# exit
> exit
Do you want to log out [y/n]? y

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