Aikatsu on Parade Web Anime episode 05 and 06 subs out! That was a fabulous finale, it truly showed that the creators of Aikatsu are not willing to compromise by riding on their past success, and put in all the effort and more to keep creating new, unique Aikatsu that looks to the future. Here's to the continuing of our passionate Idol Activities!

Aikatsu on Parade Web Anime episode 04 subs out! Even with no CG performances, there was still a lot to enjoy, both in the dresses and the character interactions

Aikatsu on Parade Web Anime ep 03 subs out! That was a whole lotta great in a small amount of time. The way they rely on the viewer's knowledge of past Aikatsu is a strength in my book, not a weakness.

Aikatsu on Parade Web Anime episode 02 subs! I got thrown off by being at home all the time and lost my sense of tension to do this quickly...

Aikatsu on Parade Web Series episode 01 subs out! I hope you weren't worrying about the quality of this, because it's every bit as amazing as always, both the animation and the writing. Please enjoy Noelle's passionate Aikatsu!

Aikatsu on Parade episode 25 subs out! Nothing affects my emotions like Aikatsu can, and with each ending it hits me in a very particular way. I couldn't imagine a more perfect finale, but I can rest assured that the future remains bright. Keep on passing the baton in your own life too to keep the Shining Line connected

Aikatsu on Parade episode 24 subs out! Wow, that climax scene was truly incredible. It reminds me of something I've experienced before, which might be one of the reasons I like idols so much now

Aikatsu on Parade episode 23 subs out! Looking back on the themes of Stars and Four Star like this was wonderful, especially since we were able to easily compare it with Starlight's ideals. It's amazing to see how much can change and still be Aikatsu


Aikatsu on Parade episode 22 subs! This truly went beyond my expectations with what Raki encountered this episode. But I can feel it, that neverending Shining Line reaching out into the future

Episode 22話 

Aikatsu on Parade episode 21 subs out! It took this long for Raki and Wakaba to finally talk to each other. Overall it was simply fun, but a certain scene was unexpectedly heartwarming

Aikatsu on Parade episode 20 subs out! Sidles everywhere! And welcome back to Yamaguchi Hiroshi, the Koharu master scriptwriter

参考までに オンパレード発表の時のやつです

19 話のステージ 

Yay, Madoka's birthday and Valentine's! Remember, as long as you have Aikatsu, you're never alone!

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