Aikatsu Friends episode 43 subs out. Mio's full family is finally revealed. And next week, a chocolittle bit of mint love?

Sorry to interrupt new Precure time, but Aikatsu Friends episode 42 subs out! When I watched this, a real miracle happened. The sun came from behind the clouds and cityscape, shining golden light into my apartment to bless the idols. Aikatsu Friends itself is a miracle

Aikatsu Friends episode 41 subs out! Just incredible, everything we learned about Karen and Mirai this time. I love them even more, and I had lots to say this week as well. Also I feel like I'm disturbing a live watch right now...


Aikatsu Friends episode 36 subs out. Yep, this was all Momone. As for those of you who aren't yet caught up, you have half a week until the next legendary Christmas ep, so get to it!

Aikatsu Friends ep 33 subs out! Another fantastic episode, with a fantastic ending. I am happiness

Aikatsu Friends episode 31 subs out! I love when Kakihara Yuuko opens and closes not just one, but multiple overlapping arcs like this, all the while making sure every character's personalities are fixed and in line with her vision of the series. On to the Best Friends Cup!

Aikatsu Friends ep 30 subs out. I, too, practiced my improvisation this weekend with running Magical Fury. Maybe the idols should try playing DnD? Sakuya already has the dice for it

Aikatsu Friends episode 28 subs out. The silence of reality is often more powerful than any manmade music


Aikatsu Stars! episode 100 subs out! I said all I could say below, so I'll be brief here. Thanks for the support, and here's to Aikatsu Friends! これからもよろしく!

Stars episode 99 subs out! Everyone comes together to start tying all those loose ends up. It's painful to say goodbye, but one day even these tears will turn into precious memories

Stars episode 98 subs out. I just realized that Haruka is like that girl from Hyouka who likes making fires a little too much...


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