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Märchen~ @marchen_with_you

Hello KKT!

I hope you all had a good weekend. It's another fantastic opportunity come back full of cheer and AI-KATSU!

Thought of the day: I don't know, get yourself energetic with Start Dash Sensation or something.

@Akatsukin I'd bet one of them goes full Dame Dame without her wife!

phew Just finished Friends 2 couple of thoughts!

1. Tamaki-san is better then all the P-sans put together. She got Aine working in less then 6 hours!

2. Coco=Compy and was programmed by Kii

3. Trampolines appeared early! Love me Lessons! Love you~

4. When I look at Love Me Tear, I feel like Lilly Flowers would grow.

5. Having the voice the same as the singing makes a big difference!

6. What would happen if Love Me Tear was separated for a week? Could either of them stand it?

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Hello KKT.

Saaa It's one of those not so happy days. Even if it is Friday. Oh well can't be helped. Try to smile today everyone.

Thought of the day: On some days, you just can't do it, and that's alright... maybe?

Hello KKT!

How was it?! Did they still keep the magic?! I'm so excited I might just watch it in Japanese!

It must be wonderful to have such close friends!

Thought of the day: Maintain your bonds with people. Even feeling alone is the most sad thing anyone can ever experience.

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Aikatsu Friends 2️⃣🔜

I want to watch Friends live... Meh

Good morning!


Hello KKT!

It's finally almost time for Friends Episode 2! YATTA! I hope we get to learn a lot more about Mio this week, that and the introduction to Love me Tear is going to be Love you!

Still, Aine and Mio have a long way to go, after all they've got to be a pair that moves our hearts as much as the Kasami sisters did ⚰ . I'm looking forward to it!

Thought of the Day: No man is truly an island, even if the bridge is flooded most of the year. It still exists connecting all of us.

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✨ 1st anniversary ✨

@walfie  学園長楽しい場所をありがとうございます



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@MasterDalK There's many reasons for that, a lot of it, is the problems our country is currently experiencing.

@MasterDalK Your media does paint us in a crazy light, and that's understandable. We're still the same as we were before more or less. But yes, all nations have their own sets of challenges.

@MasterDalK I'm sorry the most crazy thing is the Post has a twitch account.