Been a while Gomen, The last episode of Friends hit me hard. Aikatsu shouldn't make me sad! What the heck?! I hope that Pure Palette gets to together soon to mend my broken heart. I mean I understand it, but it's still sad. Thankfully Mirai-san will be with us next episode.

Thought of the day: GANBARE AINE-CHAN!


I got a bike again! Wow Bikes are actually pretty nice. It'll help me not only get around, but become more healthy too! A double win!

Thought of the day: "The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated." - William James.


Phew after a weekend at rest I'm 100%! Time to Aikatsu once again at full throttle!

The last episode of Aikatsu was tough one. Poor Mio-chan! I hope she learns her lesson this time. But Sakuya-hime and Kaguya-hime are too OP and too Love You!

Thought of the day: You can't beat two Top Idols working in perfect harmony by yourself!


Hmmm I'm glad I've proven I'm not an idiot as it seems I'm sick once again. It seems I might just home early...

Thought of the day: Remember, there's a balance between hard Aikatsu and taking care of yourself!


Phew busy morning. I got into Maple Story 2 that was released in the west. It's really cute!

Also... we're celebrating 5 years of Aikatsu huh? Amazing! I wish I could attend the festival, but those of you who can have a lot of fun for me okay?

Thought of the Day: Make someone else's day better, put a smile on their face! Happiness is truly contagious.


Is there a meme going on? 😕

Oh well! Have fun!

Thought of the Day: Become the star of your own life. You can be a main character too!

Saaa... What should I have for lunch today? Well I don't have any options it's either junk food or the place below I guess.

Maybe I should make my own Bentos?

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While I'm pretty pshuuu, It's still a lovely day to Aikatsu! Well for most people anyway. Aikatsu if you can, and... Idle katsu if you can't!

Thought of the Day: It's okay to take a short break every now and then. Don't make a habit of it though~


It's another Brand New week!

Yatta! Was your Monday good Japan? Did you Westerners get up on time? We still got a full week to go so... DASH!

Thought of the Day: Make the people at your side smile, and may they spread one day to encompass the entire world!


Wah today's going to be a long day, but it's Friday I guess... Pshu...

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Thought of the day: Keep smiling, a positive outlook will let you give your 110% in everything that you do!


I'm back! Sorta!

Gomen ne, Life has been hard and I've had to Aikatsu with absolutely everything I had, I only saw @walfie -sama's stickers and I'm like... How long has it been since I came to KTT? Apparently over a month! NO! BAD! I really need to hang out with Aikatsu friends more.

Thought of the day: There's nothing in this world you can't get through with good people at your side.

Good Night Hina! I'm glad to see you're getting enough rest still!

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LINE stickers have been approved!



I guess it's really good morning, It's afternoon Tea time here and I came to play!

Ah I gotta stop forgetting to come by, but no matter.

Sakuya is a cute!
Kaguya is a cute!

That is all! Have a great Day!

Thought of the day: Regardless of what Aikatsu demonstrates, Trampoline usage with body weights equipped is a REALLY bad idea.


Happy... Tuesday! Or might as well be! If you're in Japan make sure to get plenty of sleep!

I'm getting ready to roll the dice and try for a new job. Doing something new is both exciting and nerve wracking!

Thought of the Day: Have courage to reach out and grasp those opportunities before you, even if you have to leap off the ledge you're clinging to!


Everyone doing good? I heard our new Aikatsu Friend is quite something. Can't wait to meet her.

I myself am just happy it's friday

Thought of the day: Aim to have one million friends! (Trading cards count)

Ah, I did it again, forgot to come by, Well I just heard Aikatsu Generation for the first time in a while so... I'm crying my eyes out and had to stop by. I hope you all are Happy Lucky still~

Everyone's MyChara are still as cute as ever. Love you~

Thought of the... long time: Life is a series of Hellos and Farewells, it's what you make in the time between that's important.

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