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Märchen~ @marchen_with_you

Hello KKT!

How is everyone today? Saaaa... My infinite genki has been slowed down a bit today. Just that lonely feeling no one is at home waiting for yuh, you know? I'll recover fast enough I'm sure.

Thought of the day: As precious as those friends you have on the internet. Nothing beats a warm embrace from someone right beside you.

Happy... Something like New Year! KKT!

First thank you all for being so good to me last year. I really love you all! I'm going to keep it short since I'm still seriously buzzed, but seriously I'm so happy people like you are out there to love Aikatsu as much as me.

Thought of the day: A New Year brings new opportunities. Examine yourself and find something new to experience!

@BobBob Walfie-sama was talking about Aikatsu 178.

Hello KKT!

Before I start crying because I was reminded of something SUPER SUPER HAPPY! Let's say Hi!

It's so lonely at work, everyone is taking their days off, which I know sounds weird for all you in Japan. Heck it's weird for me too. I try to avoid taking time off. Has Anime corrupted me?

Thought of the day: Know what's really really important and do all you can to protect it.

Aikatsu 178 Show more

Good Morning Japan! It's Friday! and nearly the new year!

Mmm NISSIN Cup Noodles for lunch Yummy! ... Not healthy, but YUMMY!

Hello KKT!

Wow Walfie-sama looks like they're having a TON of fun.

As for me, I'm stuck at work, cold and overall Super Ultra Happy! I hope you all are too!

Thought of the day: Rejoice in your friends' blessings and cry with their sorrows. The opposite will lead to ruin.

Ah, some lovely Tutu Ballerinas have gone to sleep! How's the Westerners?! GENKI?!

Hello KKT!

Wow! I slept too much last night! Full charge! Wow I'm jealous of everyone who met Walfie-sama and all the cute MyChara today!

Thought of the day: Making new friends in real life is cool too!

Hello KKT!

Are all of you well? I am very tired. I was reading way too late last night and I still have to work. Bleh Oh well time to fire myself up AI-KAT..... pshuuuuuu

Thought of the day: Don't read too much at night get a good night's sleep.

Hello everyone! It's been some time. I hope I didn't worry anyone. Did everyone enjoy Christmas? I got the day off! So I went to visit my parents in the mountains. Thankfully it's not too cold.

Thought of the day: Love makes the world go round!

Hello KKT!

Ehhhhhhhhh I don't have anything to talk about today... Sorry!

Thought of the Day:
A hope delivered by my hands is now around in our sky
With the courage I received, I will continue going to the future
I have the baton and lead with you in the line of light,
The Shining Line* we longed for became our power!

AH! I forgot to say hello! Hi KKT!

Before, I got hung up writing to my pen-pal and doing work!

How is everyone?!

Well America is... really angry. America likes the Internet and does not like when people mess with it. Especially ISPs, we see them as extremely greedy corporations with no honor or integrity. We think giving them power over the internet is bad.

It's definitely not Aria-like at all over here. But No matter what I can still continue my Aikatsu!

Oh! out of room Tehepero (๑≧౪≦)

Good Morning Japan, Have a nice day!

MyCharas out on Parade! Love you~