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Milly @muffindaydream

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bye photokatsu.. I never got to play but thankful for all the art that it had 😞

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Reminder everyone, there are some great photokatsu wallpapers you should grab before they possibly go down with the game

I'm having so much fun playing with the Aikatsu stickers on LINE

yes, earrings! The picture is just really close up

@MasterDalK @walfie I rather like the glowy, but not really the usual neon lights against black thing, I think something more pastel would be more interesting but just me really haha

@MasterDalK the weather is not exactly predictable here outside of summer so not unfamiliar territory for me either. But whaaa?? You don't get to see your days grow longer and nights get shorter and vice versa?

@MasterDalK gosh I wish I could trade.. it's turning back into winter here and really chilly winds and I'm not happy orz

@MasterDalK So far it's been well though it could be better for one of my classes. I usually end up having to carry when things call for creative direction or descriptions lol

@MasterDalK yeah the two group projects due next week are presentations! The last one is something else though.. more research based and utilized like a study group for our final.

@MasterDalK I want to believe that, but each of these classes require work in groups.. two are due next week and then I have one more. I'm not counting solo stuff like essays either orz

having to do so much homework is so not aikatsu... but graduating in a few weeks is very aikatsu...

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@walfie not really, you just need to do it to a few "x liked this tweet" tweets not every single one. The setting baffingly resets itself after a few months to which I just dislike a couple liked tweets. or maybe my TLs are very obedient.

@walfie I found that going to the drop down menu of a tweet and selecting "I don't like this tweet" on every tweet that shows up on your TL because someone liked it will gradually stop likes from appearing on the TL for a few months. I can't speak for everyone who tries it but it works for me.

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