my aikatsu playlist started the morning with my most favorite songs: Blooming โ™ก Blooming and Pirouette of the Forest. It's going to be a good day.

realizing that I'm going to miss this upcoming week's airing of aiparade too :'s

all my fridays have been eventful :0

@KurebayashiJuri I don't remember! it may have been that aikatsu bot twitter. I can send you the picture, tho it is a bit crusty quality if zoomed in lol

@MasterDalK I actually had plans this year that ended up being cancelled, I feel ya. I'm happy I got to dress up at work at least lol

@walfie same, I really enjoyed sun and moon, but I do agree that some parts can be kind of forgettable. I think the formula is running kind of dry and I hope they can do something fresh in the future. Till then I'm prob gonna wait for the next generational remake.

I'm all caught up with aiparade now.. good...

I was happy about this until I realized that I'm probably gonna miss tomorrow night's episode because I'll be spending the night at my friend's place.. weh..

@walfie I'm kind of in the same boat.. something about it hasn't really caught my interest yet

I love how I've been listening to aikatsu music non-stop recently and this spotify stuff happens. The universe is being silly with me.

I'm still not really used to, or fond of the way spotify works (mostly on mobile) but now I have an excuse to use it more yay

aikatsu on U.S. spotify!!!!!!!!! Woah heck now I guess I have to use it more now.

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