This is not how it ends, this is not goodbye
'Cause wild hearts never die
Wild hearts never die

Even when I think I'm headed in the right direction, it doesn't take much for me to feel lost again.

It's entirely in my head but it feels impossible to find online communities where I actually feel comfortable

Emailed EU store if I can order keycaps from them since the US isn't listed as one of the places they ship to. Hopefully they say yes so I can get at least one more thing for this build crossed off the list.

Time80 ordered but I didn't read the description for the third batch carefully. The first batch of extras had hotswap PCB's but this current batch is a solder PCB. So need to order a soldering iron and solder on top of everything else. This is going to get pricey real fast...

And I'm not cool enough for the discord servers everyone else hangs out at so I'll probably be tied to the bird site until either it or I are released from this mortal coil

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Going through the same song and dance routine anytime it seems like the bird site is gonna mess with things. Then it settles out and we're back there again

Not just because of today but been pretty stressed out... don't really have people to talk to these days either...

Financial independence
-Right now I'm still working at my parents' grocery store and I'd like to get good enough at something that I don't have to keep working there.
Ideally, make enough money that my parents don't have to work any more. But I'll take what I can get.

Hope everyone has a great 2021!

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Get more physically active
- Not happy with my current weight so I'm going to work on fitness boxing 2 every day (or at least try to). willing to try other stuff too

Learn Japanese well enough to reply on Twitter and not feel like I'm going to embarrass myself
- WaniKani, DuoLingo, whatever else is available. I follow a lot of people on Twitter and I feel bad about not being able to express myself to them.

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Some things I'm working towards in 2021:

Create something to put on the internet that others can enjoy
- Taking Andrew Huang's electronic music production class for January, so hopefully one of those songs is good enough. Like long term I'd love for something I create be used by a vtuber or something. But baby steps!

Get my driver's license (finally)
-Set aside time to get comfortable driving (I have a permit already, so I should uh, use it)

Signed up for Andrew Huang's music production class on Monthly. This is going to be uh, interesting?

I was never against vtubers but not knowing much JP it was easy to not pay close attention. Then Hololive EN happened and I'm members to all of them...

Slowly learning guitar. I actually bought my Yamaha Pacifica one year ago. Trying out different apps/websites has been fun.

But also I spend waaaaay more time just browsing youtube and various retailers looking at shiny new guitars lol

all signs point towards waiting for the ryzen 4000 chips to hit laptops but I kinda just want a cheap laptop now to mess around with

missed idle thumbs so I started listening to important if true from the first couple of episodes. I think the best sort of podcasts are the ones where it feels like you're just listening in on close friends. sometimes the subject matter doesn't interest you but because it's them it becomes interesting

Installed ios betas on both regular ipad and my XR because Yolo dark mode

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